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  • Hi,

    I am extremely impressed by this new version of CommentPress.

    Would it be possible to have the option to use Disqus as the comment system within CommentPress?

    Disqus is a commenting system network that allows users to have a universal commenting identity, which is useful when you are trying to lower the barriers to participation i.e. casual visitors are more likely to make a comment if they already appear to be logged in, and if their contribution can contribute to their overall Web reputation.

    With most WordPress themes, Disqus is specifically designed to easily slip into place instead of the native comment system but, quite understandably, CommentPress seems to call the comment system in a different way.

    While most existing CommentPress sites seem to be geared towards professional users, such as academics, who won’t mind signing up to something they will be using frequently, I believe there is a lot of potential to extend the CommentPress functionality to a more mainstream audience of users, and displaying the familiar Disqus commenting interface, along with its social integration and excellent points system, would be extremely compelling for many of them.

    Again, the work you have done is tremendous, I will certainly be making good use of CommentPress, but the option to have Disqus integration would truly top it off.


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  • Just to be clear, a Disqus comment thread DOES appear in the CP Comments tab but, instead of having a different set of comments slide open for each paragraph, there is now just one Disqus thread for the page as a whole.

    It occurs to me that if Disqus simply perceived each paragraph’s comments as being distinct thread, each could be substituted with a separate Disqus thread – Disqus is pretty flexible, it is possible to get it working on regular, static HTML pages with just a line of code, so, it might be relatively straightforward to get it to do that.

    Actually, now that I think about it, Facebook Comments would also be useful for yet another different set of sites.

    Personally, I prefer Disqus but you can’t beat the sheer penetration of Facebook, particularly if your site was, say, geared towards teenagers.

    My presumption is that both the Disqus plugin and the various Facebook Connect plugins use the same hook or whatever to substitute themselves in place of native WordPress comments.

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    Hi Donnacha,

    I would imagine that it is possible to substitute another commenting system for the in-built WordPress one, but it would be by no means trivial.

    Things to think about – in no real order and off the top of my head:

    • There is a hash which establishes the link between a comment and a “block” of text – this intermediary data would have to be applied somehow.
    • I’ve not seen multiple Facebook or Disqus threads on the same page of a blog. Does this even work?
    • Facebook and Disqus comments are displayed via a iframe, which is likely to complicate matters
    • Support for WordPress post sub-division (using the <!--nextpage--> quicktag) could present issues – especially when syncing with BuddyPress activity streams

    I guess a half-way solution would be to implement solid integration with those “Login with” buttons (FB, Twitter etc)

    I’ve marked this as a feature request on the GitHub repo and will consider it further.



    Okay, I understand, plenty of potential roadblocks. Using the nextpage quicktag is an interesting idea.

    CommentPress already seems to work perfectly with the Facebook Connect plugin I am using, so, yes, that could be a good alternative route to the at least some of the benefits that the third-party comment systems offer, and without the complications.

    I’m also experimenting with the various voting and liking plugins that integrate with the native comment system, that might also allow me to replicate the reputation-gathering aspect of the third-party systems, albeit limited to a single site rather the webwide.. My holy grail would be to get CommentPress working well with both BuddyPress (I see that others are already doing this) and Paul Gibbs’ Achievements plugin, v3 of which will hopefully see an alpha release before the end of the year.

    I am extremely curious about the extent to which giving users of a CommentPress-based website a way to thank each other, and to allow them to visibiy accrue reputation, might stimulate more activity, a higher quality of contributions and a greater sense of community.

    Thanks again, Christian. By the way, this comment is coming to you, live, from a rather boring Google workshop at the LeWeb conference in Paris 🙂

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    A recent project required <!--nextpage--> to work with CommentPress Core running in a Multisite BuddyPress Groupblog environment, so I’m confident you shouldn’t have any problems if you use that technique.

    Glad to hear that FB Connect works as expected!

    I can appreciate that commenter reputation-gathering is appealing – I’d be interested in how you proceed and the results you get. I’m happy to refine integration with any plugins that you recommend.

    Enjoy Paris, if not the conference 😉



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