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    Hello all,

    I’ve been using Prosense theme for around two years and have heavily customized it to get the current look of my website.

    I’ve now found a new theme I’d like to implement (Magazine Basic) and have a few questions on how to proceed.

    1) Once I activate the new theme, will I be able to easily revert to the original theme and have the website look exactly the way it did under that theme? (because I expect to have to make lots of style adjustments to the new theme, I’m thinking of putting my site into maintenance mode for just and hour or so at a time as I work on it, deactivating it and reverting to the old one afterwards until the new theme is completely ready to go live. I’d like to minimize downtime in case I run into problems).

    2) Do I need to back up my original theme files, or will these be untouched by the new theme customization?

    3) Should I deactivate all plugins before changing themes?

    Thanks for any advice here.

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  • Just discovered a Theme Switch and Preview plugin that allow you to work on a new theme behind the scenes.
    Sounds like it’s possible to work on the new theme while visitors still see the old one, i.e. no downtime – exactly what I need.

    Doesn’t seem to allow editing of the file being previewed from within the dashboard…
    Still hope someone can answer my original questions.



    OK, I’ve found a good solution:

    I installed MAMP, which allows one to run and tweak a copy of wordpress offline.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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