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  • Hi, I´ve installed LeagueManager on my new WP site. I´m using it for a soccer game within an online community.
    I´ve created a League and everything is working just fine in the front-end.
    The thing is: I have 20 teams in my traditional soccer league mode (every teams plays home and away) which means that it will be 38 game days and 380 matches in total.
    I´ve realized that this will be a hell of lot of administration for me. I have to report all match results back-end.

    My question would be; is there any way to update the match results from the user input at the front-end?
    Now I can already imagine the next question. That would probably be 380 fields that users can choose from. Theese field needs to be auto generated, otherwise it will only be more work for me to create theese fields, right?

    Oh, have one more question (sorry about that).
    Is there any way to get add matches automatically??? A tradtional soccer league with home&away matches (380 matches in total) is a hell of a work adding manually. It would be so nice if the matches would be auto generated. Is this possible?

    Many thanks, in advance, for answers.

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  • Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    Maci, if you can (which you should be able to) get the list of matches, you can format it in such a way that you could import them. I have only done tests on the import/export functions and did find that there were a few problems that I worked on, but haven’t used it myself yet. I’m using LM on a basketball site that is currently up 25 leagues, so the automation functions are starting to be more and more important to me as well, meaning I’ll be spending some time with the code in that area, so let’s keep in touch. League Manager isn’t my plug-in, but it’s very important to my work, so I’m doing what I need to so it’ll work for me.

    Having remote updating of matches is definitely a possibility, but will require a bit of custom code to do what you want. It wouldn’t be a lot, but you need a way to give someone access to the update function without necessarily giving them access to the entire backend of your site (WordPress Admin). I’ve done something similar to this for a couple of sites I have for youth teams I coach, so again, let’s share some ideas and see what we can come up with. I’m going to have a number of people helping keep our leagues updated as well, so it’s another area that I’m going to need to focus on…

    Hi lamontef,
    Thanks for the reply.
    Maybe I wasn´t clear enough, sorry about that. I have already manually embedded all matches. All 380.
    The things is, that we will will finish this league in about a month. Then we start with another league. And I realize that it will be alot of work for me, setting it all upp again.

    OMG! I just realized! I could use the same leage as I do now right?????
    Just change the name of it and change the teams! Than I wouldn´t have to set it all up again. Or maybe not!! Fuck! The match results! They will already be in the database. All 380 results. And thats the problem I want to avoid. Embed 380 new matches.

    Then, the problems remain

    Cool that you are such a passionate LM user.

    Kind regards

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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