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  • I imported a set of URLs and their new equivalents today. There were two “old urls” that were like this:


    I tried setting them up to redirect to their associated new URL, but it didn’t work. They ended up redirecting to the new URL with “/?” in front of the URL. So, like this:


    And then, I think because of this, I started getting a lot of other weirdness with other URLs. I cannot figure out the pattern, but some of the URLs would just start redirecting to something like this:


    As I didn’t have any redirects actually with /participant/ other than these querystring ones, it made me wonder if they were related somehow. When I disabled them, the other non-querystring redirects started working correctly.

    Anyone know what’s going on here? Are querystring URLs not allowed or is there a special way you must do them?

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  • For the first problem it seems that you have regex enabled. If you don’t need regular expressions in your redirect, uncheck the ‘regex’ checkbox. If you do need them, escape the ? like


    edit: I think the second problem should be resolved as well, if you turned regex off.

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    Thanks for the response.

    I did actually uncheck the regex box, but it did not seem to change anything afterwards.

    BTW, I also posted this topic — I think something weird is going on with the regex stuff.

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