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    I’ve looked through the docs, settings and plugins. But to be honest I am a bit confused by custom menus, sub-menus (?), how to use them and if this is really what I need.

    What I’d like to do is simple, I think. At my site ( I added one link to the primary header menu titled “Electoral Map 2012.” I did this by creating a custom menu and adding a “link” to that, plus all the pages from my regular menu. I didn’t see any other way to just add a link to the current menu.

    If possible, what I’d like to do is change “Electoral Map 2012” to a drop-down menu titled “Election 2012” and have multiple links under it.

    I have the feeling that I am missing some point and that there is probably a simple way of doing this. 🙂



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    Yeah, you’d need a custom menu. It’s really quite simple.

    Here is a blog post from a friend of mine. He is using Graphene in the example, but the process is identical for any theme.

    If you do not want Election 2012 click able then using Custom Links in url box enter # and in label box enter Election 2012

    and add to menu

    To create sub menu you can drag Electoral Map 2012 under Election 2012 and drag slightly to right and release and save menu

    Thanks very much Josh and Govapatel. That did it!

    Govpatel, your “#” and drag suggestions were the “missing link” (no pun intended) I wasn’t seeing. So I learned something new today!

    What’s the best way of making sure that external links like that open in different tabs/windows instead of replacing the current one?

    Thanks again!


    One odd thing. I named my custom menu “Primary 2” and every time I modify that menu it seems to change the tag “election 2012” to “primary 2” and I need to go into the Tags settings to change the tag name back again.

    A naming conflict of some sort?



    Try a few a times changing custom menu/ submenu a few times till you get the result you want.

    Also try:
    Suppose you have a page named Election 2012. Now, suppose you want to have several other aspects of it to appear as dropdown menus under it. Create pages and select Election 2012 as the parent page. All others you created thus will appear as dropdown menu items under the parent page.


    Right now I have it to where I can:

    (1) Change the custom menu and,

    (2) Then change the tag name back to what it was.

    It’s just strange that the tag name keeps changing. I guess it’s a “name space conflict” issue because tag name is the same as the menu label.


    As you use pages for your menu, it is better to create menu and sub-menus using pages. Also, it is better to use categories for menu, rather than tags.

    Try any one particular combination. Also I see that you are using links of external sites as menu’s (ex; I think you should create a page in which you can use such links and link that page to your menu.

    Hi, Krishna.

    For this particular menu item, all the sub-items happen to be links. I don’t think they would work as pages.

    And to clarify, the tags whose names are getting changes are not menu tags (I didn’t even know there was such a thing). Rather they are the tags in ordinary blog posts.

    In your suggestion of creating a page with the links, wouldn’t users have to do two things – (1) go to the page and (2) then go on to the link? I thought the purpose of the link menu item was to allow direct jumps.



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