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  • Hello,
    I’ll try to be clear and concise here!
    I’ve setup a hostgator account that allows multiple domains to point at this account (this account has its own IP and SSL and all that)
    I used godaddy to register my domain name, and have it pointed at my hostgator account.

    My question concerns setting up other sites on the same hostgator account- will people be able to tell that the other/new site(s) are associated with my original site? (as in, if my original site is “veganism FTW!”, and I want to setup a “pork rules” site, am I able to do this on the same hostgator business hosting account, or should I setup another hosting account/IP/nameservers?)

    Thanks for any tips/tricks!!

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  • The easiest way to check who owns a site is to check who owns the domain name. If you have a service that hides your personal details in domain registry then the only way for someone to find out is if they call your host and they divulge the information. Which they shouldn’t, obviously.

    It doesn’t matter how many hosting accounts you have if your personal details are visible in domain registry.

    How would I check a domain registry? Is that a site, or something you check for an individual site?
    (sorry such a newb!)

    If the two sites use different domain names and have different content then they will be seen as seperate sites by google. The owner of the site doesn’t make any difference in a case like that. the hosting server is really the same. With the amount of websites that are all hosted off the same server and IP address around the world there’s not going to be any penalties for hosting two different sites on the same account.

    The only time that sites are seem as the same site is if they are sharing content, or doing some massive inter-linking, but given the difference between your two example site topics I doubt that’d ever be a problem.

    As far as the WHOIS goes, most domain registrars offer an option to hide the domains owners details so if that’s going to be a worry then I’d look into that option.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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