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  • I want to have a link to a specific category from my navigation links. Does someone know if this is possible, and how I would do it?

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  • The navigation links are pages now right?

    Make a new page and make its title:

    <a href="http://yoursite/category/specific">Specific</a>

    It should work.

    Thanks for your help. I tried this and it worked great! One problem though, is that the link in the navigation that it created is too far to the right. There is a larger space to the left of the link than to the right so it somehow messed with the layout of the navigation menu. Any ideas what could have caused this?

    It’s at:

    There’s a link to in your navigation menu and to

    I was wondering if you might check my site again, I’m still having the problem with the space in my nav menu. I created the link as you suggested and it works great, except for this space…

    not sure how much of an issue this is causing….but here’s a bit of a code problem:

    <li class="page_item page-item-2278"><a href="" title="<a href=&quot;;>Start Here</a>"><a href="">Start Here</a></a></li>

    one thing I wonder about is the title attribute:
    ="<a href=&quot;;>Start Here</a>
    Do you know where that is coming from? Is this link hard coded? Or generated?

    And also, at the end of that link:
    Start Here</a></a></li>

    I think you have an extra there.

    Thanks again. I don’t know enough to say where the attribute is coming from. Also, I’ve tried to figure this out but I don’t know where the extra is coming from. It isn’t in the title to the page I created, which is: Start Here

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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