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    First, great start on this plugin.

    I am trying to implement a very simple review process, and as far as I can tell, I am not able to do this yet with this version. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Anyone that have a login can create a post. This person might have a role of Contributor, Author, Editor, or Admin.

    2. The creator of the post submits the post for “Review” in the workflow. They should be able to pick only users that have a role of Editor or Admin. However, I would like to see the workflow be smart enough to not include the creator in this list – since one should not be able to review their own content. For example, we might have a user with an Editor role that creates content, and when they send it for “Review”, they should not see their own name – only other Editors and Admin.

    3. When an editor or admin finished “reviewing” and the post needs further work, there should be a way to send it back to the creator. I am not sure if this is possible. It looks like I have to pick somebody to send it back.

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  • Plugin Author nuggetsol



    As for point(1) – that’s correct.

    As for point(2) and (3), those are good enhancements.
    For point(2) – I will filter out the user list before displaying it. Should be simple.

    For point(3) – I will think about it. May be add a dummy user to the select list called “creator”. If its picked, the post will be send back to the “creator”.

    Plugin Author nuggetsol


    I have added code to take care of point(1) and checked in the code. I’ll be testing it thoroughly, but it seems to be working fine.

    If you download the plugin again, you will get that change.

    I’ll look into Point(2) and (3).

    As to point #3 – it would be great to be able to define the workflow that if it is rejected to send it back to the creator automatically (or by default), instead of having the user choose. But having the user pick the “creator” will work for the most part.

    Plugin Author nuggetsol


    As I said, I have already taken care of Point(2).

    For Point(3), I have made the required changes to indicate the user, if he/she is the author of the given post.

    For automatically sending it back to the creator, – I’m thinking to make it configurable. I’ll add a configuration variable to let the admin configure such a feature. If checked, the only user shown in the list will be the author(if the role matches). If unchecked, it will show all the users who hold that role AND also indicate the creator of the post. – as a future enhancement.

    I will be adding some automation in the future, to make the job of the submitter easy (less stuff to pick).

    I’ll test the above change in the next couple of days and let you know.

    Plugin Author nuggetsol


    I released a new version 1.0.7, which has the above features.

    go ahead and let me know if you see any issues.

    Thanks so much. I will test it out when I get a chance and provide further feedback.

    Plugin Author nuggetsol


    marking this discussion as resolved. Please do let me know if you have any further questions.

    I apologize for not getting back to you. I got busy with other higher priority items. This is not as urgent for us right now.

    When I get back to it, I will definitely provide feedback (if necessary). If the plugin works for us, we will definitely make a donation.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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