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    I’m wondering how I can customize this plugin to do this:
    Ideally like this:
    The user clicks on a page and a form pops up.
    He/she fill out: Name, text, images and so on in different fields
    In a template page, the fields gets added and creates a post that is saved as a draft that i can approve.
    Does this exist? I’ve tried Easy Content Template, DJD site post, WordPress Guest Post Plugin and Guest Post but that does not do it… they just create standard posts.

    I would like to be able to pop the text into my own designed template like this:

    Name of autor: [users-name]
    My own graphics and text
    [users text][users image]
    My own graphics and text
    [users email]
    [users url]
    and so on…

    Is this possible to do? I would also like to have different templates for different pages, is that possible?

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  • Plugin Author djarzyna



    maybe not the answer you expect to hear but here it is: as far as I can see my plugin provides the basic functionality you need. All the fields you need seem to be there. Now you have the freedom to hide some fields you donĀ“t need and change the look of it with css. Regarding different templates for different pages a way to go might be using categories to tell which post goes on which page. But this is customizing the presentation of posts and has nothing to do with my plugin or any other of the plugins you’ve mentioned. That is a theme thing.

    Yes, indeed the fields are all there… but what I’m wondering is if there is a way to make the date generated by the fields to pop into a post? Thus generating a post from the visitors data…

    Plugin Author djarzyna


    Still I think this has nothing to do with the plugin. Let me say it this way: The plugin puts all the data into the database fields that together constitute an ordinary post. How this post eventually will be presented is a different story. The presentation is template stuff.

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