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  • Hello all!

    I´m a newbie to WP and I wonder why I see so few custom-build WP-homepages. Most I have seen so far just have adopted the stylesheet but not the whole layout.

    I would like to build up a site as a mixture of a blog (with day-related articles) and static pages.

    Here some sites of that kind:

    Right now I´m thinking of what will be the best software for it. Above mentioned sites are build with MT (which I know a little bit already).

    Do you think it´s possible to build a site like that where also the static pages (e.g. a “about”-page) can be maintained by WP)?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • First, I am not sure what you mean by “so few custom-build WP-homepages. Most I have seen so far just have adopted the stylesheet but not the whole layout”? Many designers use stylesheets to define their layout, instead of tables and such. But I see a lot that isn’t “adopted,” it’s created. Look at my page. Every one of those layouts (except for the Vampire Prinecss Miyu) layout was created by me, and uses stylesheets as the source of the design. Even the Miyu layout was tables-based, and I changed it to CSS-based, but I did not create the images for it.

    Does that answer that question?

    As for a site that has a blog and static pages, well, you can see a small example of that on my page as well. My schedule page is “static,” but the layout matches because it is a WordPress page. I basically just took out the WP loop and replaced it with my schedule information. That way, when the layout changes on my blog, it changes on my schedule page as well. I have also seen other sites that do something similar. I don’t know how they do it, but they have pages other than their blog on their site, and those pages match the layout…AND they use WordPress.

    Ok what I see in is that there is a blog in the middle, and two rows of pictures and links on both sides. Yes, this is possible with WP. You have to sit and design in to your heart’s content, that’s all. The side links can be made by installing a separate sideblog and then integrating the RSS feed. The photos can be done with Flickr or Coppermine with the Coppermine into WP plugin. What else do you need? Email me if you need help with anything else.

    And about Static pages, download a nightly of WP 1.5 and see the dued go… 🙂

    Most I have seen so far just have adopted the stylesheet but not the whole layout.

    How many of the tens of thousands of sites have you actually visited?

    WordPress can be customized in a myriad of ways, depending on the skills and ability of the site owner. Even in the case of those who have minimal skills, there are many plugins and templates and a lot of resources around to help create a unique site.

    WordPress also integrates well into existing sites. You can create and manage pages in virtually any editor you can imagine.

    There is a highly motivated and robust community, which includes support, documentation, code development, plugin authoring, and template design.

    Thx for your answers. I hope I was not too provocative with the sentence “… so few custom-build WP-homepages.”

    But unfortunately once again I´m not sure what should be my choice, MT or WP?

    Somebody here who used both and can me tell some advantages of the one or the other?

    I prefer WP. It is simple to cutomised yet powerful.

    Default installation have standard features but if you need more, you can easily extend it with pluggins

    WordPress is incredibly flexible in so much as how you can integrate it. My site(s) have it integrated so that I can include my own custom pages in place of the loop and i’ve set it up so that I can have different sidebar content (wp and non-wp) depending on the it being a single post, archive, category or my own pages. I’m kinda stripping all my own stuff down and placing it in specific plugins so it’s a bit sparse but my point is the same. WordPress rocks.

    Yes, I am doing something similar for my round the world trip (Less than two weeks away!)

    Take a look on
    Also integrated spg here:

    And a sneak preview of my integration with BB press here:

    Got lots of advice from Mike at unrealtravels (The best travel blog I have seen using MT).

    Feel free to contact me.

    Dave the site looks great, good job. I hope you enjoy your time in Australia. :o)


    The question was a little bit rude.. but a good one.

    The two sites :
    have nice 3 column layouts, a kind of layout that is somehow missing for instance for WP 1.5 (I’d love to have a template like that would fit very well with what I’m doing with my WP)

    When I say “that is somehow missing”.. of course it’s perfectly possible to build ones, but I don’t know of any “out of the box” good starting point for a good 3 column layout for WP1.5

    When it comes to functionnality, WP can probably hardly be beaten, but when it comes to design (or even starting points) for instance it’s a little bit short.


    Dots is three column – Link


    I know but dots is not a complete layout (for example you can’t have a footer) alas.
    The Trident port to 1.5 is a more complete layout but it doesn’t have the class of a Kubrick for example

    I started out with MT, but have switched to WP, because:

    1. it’s free (as in speech), no limitations as in the MT license
    2. it’s fast (MT needs to rebuild pages each time you add/change something, which takes longer when your site grows)
    3. it’s PHP, which is easier to hack (at least for me) than Perl

    I use WP for various types of sites (for myself and for clients), it gets better and more flexible all the time. For anyone who knows CSS and a bit of PHP it’s easy enough to customize to your heart’s desire. 3-column layouts are no problem.

    Thanks Kitta,
    Your comments are much appreciated. I will indeed enjoy my trip to your native land.

    Don’t want to hijack this thread.

    @dave: thanks a lot for the link, didn´t know that one. thanks also for the offer to contact you.

    @ all: again, sorry for the rude question. thanks for the answers, you helped me a lot.

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