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  • I have searched in the documentation and support, but I have not come across a way to do something that I think might be helpful to other users, too, if it can be implemented.

    I think it’s amazing that you can either stay with the default 10 posts, select your own number, or even use the -1 flag that shows everything. However, could there be a -1 flag that only shows the first 10 posts (don’t care whether I can customize this number), and then shows the rest of the posts if the user clicks “Show More”.

    I use a plugin called “Read More” that allows you to manually list content, and then put this shortcode in place to hide the rest of the content. I use this with a manual listing where I have an unordered list of 17 (and growing) entries, and I stick the shortcode after the first 4 or 5 list entries so that the listings don’t overwhelm the page. That same kind of logic embedded in the plugin would be awesome!

    If I’ve somehow missed documentation mentioning how to do this, I humbly apologize!

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  • Your idea would be good if they can do it. I would like that too.

    If not, maybe you can do something like I do, to get around this.

    I have a page that shows the latest 10 posts in a category, but with a following link to another page with the rest.

    Maybe this can help.

    First page code:

    Latest ten Immigration posts..
    [catlist name=visas-and-immigration orderby=date order=desc date=yes no_posts_text="Nothing showing" numberposts=10 excerpt=yes excerpt_size=15]
     	<li><a href="">More Immigration Posts</a></li>

    That next page has the following code:

    <h3>Visas and Immigration Page Listings. </h3> (up to a year old)
    [catlist name=visas-and-immigration orderby=date order=desc date=yes after='-365 days' no_posts_text="Nothing showing" numberposts=-1]
    <strong>Older Posts from over a Year ago.</strong>
    [catlist name=visas-and-immigration orderby=date order=desc date=yes before='-365 days' no_posts_text="Nothing showing" numberposts=-1]
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    @abcdiamond Thanks for the response. I sort of already do that, but my hope is not to create yet another page, but rather just unhide the remaining posts. Sometimes you just have to ask, and see what happens! It’s still a solid 5-stars from me, just trying to be a bit fancier!

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