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    I’m having the same issue as some others with the WP UI not working in IE, I’ve ruled out that it’s not a JQuery conflict because I disabled those plugins and it still wasn’t working so I dug a little deeper and found that a cufon is undefined in the JQuery script which is cause it not to implement and a few other things as well:
    ‘Cufon’ is undefined custom.js?ver=3.4.2, line 10 character 1

    Not implemented jquery-ui.min.js?ver=1.8.21, line 5 character 5699
    ‘Cufon’ is undefined custom.js?ver=3.4.2, line 10 character 1

    Object doesn’t support this property or method custom.js?ver=3.4.2, line 43 character 5
    Object doesn’t support this property or method custom.js?ver=3.4.2, line 47 character 5
    Not implemented eval code, line 1 character 10981

    here is my site
    if anyone knows how to fix this or the auther can and post an update that would be great

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  • Are you using tabs or accordion? I can confirm it works for me in IE. Not sure what the difference is but why not check my site and see if that works. Could always be your browser.

    I’m using the accordion, yeah yours is working in my internet explorer is my site working in yours? I have tried it on different computers and both internet explorers are not working.

    Hmm yeah doesn’t show up as working for me. Also saw about the same post here:

    Might be accordions. Have you tried tabs instead of accordions in IE as just a test?

    Okay did a test:

    I can confirm its the accordions in specific that aren’t working in IE.

    sorry to bother: your tabs aren’t working in IE7 (have the same issue: all WP UI breaks when using tabs in IE7, without tabs: all good)

    hope you don’t have to support IE7 anymore 😉

    Hmm tabs work in IE 8 and IE 7; but the spacing is off. I just did a test. So not sure what the problem is there. But accordions do not work for some reason.

    Im having the same issues and have identified the same issues as @invaderb. It is the accordions and further these options in the plugin settings may make it work or not:
    1. set a title vs leaving it blank
    2. Accordion auto height (try checking or unchecking the box for Uniform accordion panel height.)

    I have also found that having any characters in the post title that are not letters, numbers may make it break.

    This is an issue and will ultimately make me stop using this otherwise awesome plugin.

    Thanks every one for the input I hope the plugin author sees all these posts regarding the accordions not working in IE and comes out with a fix.

    @rezon8dev I try the suggestions and see if they help.

    I also find that when adding a title to the template for accordions that the title prints as it should at the top of the accordion list of posts but repeats about 20 times below the list of posts in the accordion? I am still not able to get the accordion to work in IE after days of changing settings. I was able to get it to work in IE but only for a moment and with a setting config that I was not happy with. I found that : or , or . ion the posts title will break the list of posts displayed in an accordion. I have reached out to the plugin author on twitter, his website and here to no avail. Pretty sad, this is a great plugin and great concept – exactly what I was looking for but with all plugins will have to drop using it due to non-functional in IE which I will remind is still the majority of internet users hitting all of my sites.

    This might be a little more involved for some but I have found a fix that works for me. It does require editing the wp-ui.js file of the plugin. This file is located in the wp-ui plugin folder within the js folder. The plugin actually uses a compressed version so I ended having to modify the wp-ui-dev.js file. The problem is on line 677 of this file. The current code looks like this:

    _create : function() {
    self = this;
    $this = this.element;
    this.o = this.options;
    this.header = $this.find( this.o.header ); = $this.attr( 'id' );

    The problem is with the self = this; line and in Internet Explorer the “Not implemented error” occurs because self is a property of the window object. Using the var keyword (var self = this;) fixes the error.

    Once you edit that line and saved the file you’ll need to rename the current wp-ui.js to something else (I renamed it to wp-ui-broken.js) then rename the wp-ui-dev.js to wp-ui.js so that the plugin will now use this modified file.

    This fixed the accordion functionality in IE for me… hopefully it will work for others.

    thank You for this fix – in ie 9 accordion are working and are visible now.
    but there is visible only one line. Any way that is a step to be good.

    dFlux you are the man!!!

    very easy fix and now this plugin is awesome.

    not a programmer
    what should the code look like after the change

    please and thanks for finding the problem

    _create : function() {
    var self = this;
    $this = this.element;
    this.o = this.options;
    this.header = $this.find( this.o.header ); = $this.attr( ‘id’ );

    I hope this thread is help for future reference..

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