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  • Hi Robin,

    You had asked me to post on this support forum about the issue I talked about on the bbpress forum.

    “For some reason the “Replies Created” Tab on an participant profile page is empty unless the the user viewing it is logged in as an admin/keymaster. Is there a way setting I’m missing here to have this be displayed to all participants including the author of those replies? I’m using the private groups plugin as well incase that matters.”

    I had deactivated the plugin as a test and it does indeed look like private groups might be the culprit. I’d like to continue using the plugin and see if there is a work around possible to get the posts to show up under the topics started tab again.


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  • Plugin Author Robin W


    sorry, I will get to this, but tied up at the moment

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    Lemme know if you need me to create an admin login for you on the staging site.

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    Hey Robin,

    I had another developer look into the issue after trying to trouble shoot this with no success. We did find a solution though and a possible bug in the plugin:

    “This wasn’t easy to investigate but I managed to find the cause, which is in bbp-private-groups/includes/replies.php. The filter causing the problem is:
    add_filter (‘bbp_get_user_replies_created’, ‘pg_get_user_replies_created’);

    The problem appears to be that the above filter expected $user_id as the first parameter, but bbPress uses “bbp_has_replies” (boolean) as the first parameter and “user_id” as the second parameter.”

    You can fix the problem by disabling that one filter:

    function aa_fix_bbp_private_groups_on_user_replies_created_profile() {
    remove_filter(‘bbp_get_user_replies_created’, ‘pg_get_user_replies_created’);
    add_action( ‘init’, ‘aa_fix_bbp_private_groups_on_user_replies_created_profile’ );

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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