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  • Howdy, heads up I think the plugin may require an update.

    I got an error after a failed donation.

    {“code”:”resource_missing”,”doc_url”:”https:\/\/\/docs\/error-codes\`/resource-missing”,”message”:”No such PaymentMethod: ‘pm_'”,”param”:”invoice_settings[default_payment_method]”,”type”:”invalid_request_error”}
    Data in request:

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    Hey there,

    It looks like this Stripe error happens if a payment attempt is made without a credit card. It almost looks like there might have just been a temporary outage during the entering of the credit card, and then when the payment request went to stripe without a credit card attached to the request, it responded with that “resource missing” error. The “resource” they are referring to is the missing credit card.

    You can see that the “Payment Method” (which starts with “pm_”) is blank in that last line, where “default_payment_method” is set to “pm_”. Normally that would be “pm_auniquehashhere”.

    I am wondering if this was just a one-time outage, as we are seeing other payments go through today from other sites without any issues.

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