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  • HTMLArea?
    – might be overkill and not filter things the way ‘we’ want.
    – built-in spell-checker
    I find that I’m doing more composing offline as simple things like adding em or li blocks reset the cursor to 0 position in the textarea, lack of spell check, etc. Seems like some things that’d be nice.
    Only posting as I hadn’t heard of anything hacked up yet, or necessarily planned. If either is coming, would be great to hear about it! 😉

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  • file manager… a place where i can see all the files in a wp folder and click on the file names to open them in the editor. aka
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    Quick Tags that insert themselves around highlighted text, and which place the cursor after the closing tag instead of before it.

    Let’ see, I am in agreement with the spellcheck, but not the WYSIWYG addition; I think that it would be a trivial task to add some code to the current Templates editing page, that loops through and gathers all the file name and spits them out as links as they have the “common files” links currently.
    As for the smart tags option, is there a good, compatible, standards compliant way to do this? I only ask because I really don’t know, I never use that feature, although I do see the advantages of having it (since I built something like it into my app Develop, even though again I myself don’t use it. 🙂 ).
    I will look into writing a plugin that will give us some spell check, at least as a stop gap until the devs get things going. It is at times like these that I love owning a mac, since Safari has spellcheck built in, so I always have spellcheck in all my web-forms!

    Kate, the quicktags are cursor- and highlight-aware, at least in Moz and IE.

    Also, I have worked with HTMLarea extensively and it produces awful code. We would have to do a lot of cleaning up of its code. Also the new version has problems with modal dialogs in mozilla.

    Hi.. this is a good alternative.. and works ok for simple text..
    Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor

    If you want spell checking you could just use Konqueror Web Browser. It will do “web form” spell checking!! And everyone should be using LINUX anyway.

    Every browser has a spell check in some form available… 🙂
    IE, Opera and firefox all have

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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