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  • akibahoward


    Hello WP experts. I desperately need your help this weekend.

    I have a WP blog I have setup that is using the 2011 theme. I’m keeping it VERY basic to discover what the problem is.

    This deals with embedding FLV files into my blog. I have tried EVERY plugin around. The Plugin that has worked best for me to this point is Embedit.

    But I believe my problem is NOT in the plugin, rather the WP core.

    IT seems that I can properly embed an FLV with code created from Dreamweaver CS4 into the main page. All paths are find, video plays, all is good.

    HOWEVER, the problem occurs when I try and add another video to another page or post. I am unable to get those videos to play at all.

    It’s as if there is some hidden code in WP core that is disallowing multiple instances of FLV’s to play. At first I thought it might be due to hardcoded info in the SWFPlayer_Progressive.swf file.

    Still not sure about that.

    Then I tried breaking them all into separate folders and pointing paths to the folders. Didn’t work. I was able to use basic HTML so that the main page (above) and the secondary page;

    But there is something wrong when I try to embed multiple videos in different places WITHIN the blog.

    Can anyone decode this crisis? PLEASE…….

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  • akibahoward


    New information, in case anyone is reading this –

    I have discovered that when the blog is set to ‘static front page’ my blog will play one of my videos. However, when the blog is set to ‘latest posts’ I am unable to get my FLVPlayer_Progressive.swf to load….

    Any suggestions now…?


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