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  • I am having an issue with this plugin and so I had to disable it in order to keep my server running (which runs WP 3.5.1 on nginx and php-fpm on debian squeeze)…

    Several of my users reported that they couldn’t upload a pdf after I installed the plugin. I tested on my end (using Chromium) and it worked fine.

    I then tested on their end using Firefox 10 ESR and it would get 20% and then hang during the upload and would never finish.

    Then I tried upgrading Firefox to 17 ESR and I upgraded adobe flash player to 11.6 as well which did not fix the problem. Then I downloaded Google Chrome and the pdf upload finished successfully (so it appears to be working in chrome and chromium)…

    Then all of the sudden my server went down because it ran out of memory which has literally never happened before. I rebooted the server and thought I would try to upload the pdf using firefox and then watch the memory usage. After clicking upload in firefox as I watched it sit at %20 I also watched as my memory usage counted up from 500 to 700 mb in a matter of seconds… Then I restarted the php-fpm service and memory usage returned to normal.

    Once I saw that I decided I would disable the ‘Resize images before upload’ plugin and now pdf uploads work on firefox as well and no more memory leaks.

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    That is an odd one.

    The plugin should only have impact on the client side where it does the resizing. Haven’t a clue what could cause server side issues.

    I’m putting a not of this over on github and I’ll look into it as soon as I can which will probably be next week now.

    Thank you for the response. If there is any specific testing/troubleshooting steps that I can follow please let me know. If the problem is unidentifiable on your end then I will set up a test environment to try and reproduce the problem on my end.

    Okay, here’s a follow up: I have had more memory usage issues on our server even after disabling this plugin so I no longer think that the increased memory usage is this plugin’s fault. We have recently received a significant increase in traffic on our site so I believe the memory usage increase is a direct result of our traffic increase.

    However, the firefox compatibility issue when uploading pdfs is still occurring when the plugin is enabled. I have not tested this in a test environment however, but whenever I enable the plugin on our wordpress site and then try to upload a pdf using firefox it just hangs and never finishes.

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    OK thanks for the update. That makes a bit more sense now and hopefully shouldn’t be too difficult to solve.

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    I’ve tried PDF’s without issues on Firefox. Are you sure it’s not something else at your end?

    I’ve done a few further updates to the plugin which should make it work much better so I’d definitely update to that version and try again before posting here.

    Thanks for your feedback.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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