Support » Plugin: WP Statistics » Possible Memory Leak?

  • I don’t really have much information about this… except that the site owner installed or updated this plugin. I received a report that the site was inaccessible. I looked and the load on the server was over 100 (only site on an AWS t3a.medium instance). There were 100 MySQL processes running on the server (LEMP stack using WordOps on Ubuntu 18.04).

    The MySQL show full processlist command showed 100 entries like this:

    | 2938446 | xxxxxxx | localhost | xxxxxxx | Sleep | 2 | | NULL | 0.000 |

    I deactivated this plugin everything started to work like normal. The weird thing is that I reactivated it and it’s still working like normal. This makes me think there is some sort of memory leak that got cleared up when I deactivated/reactivated the plugin. I wish I could share more information, but this is all I have.

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