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    Hi, I *think* I’ve found an issue. If not, I great apologize. 🙂
    We have a field in s2member for check boxes to identify if a member is a Founding member or a Charter member. (I have read and understand
    Originally the values in s2member were:
    Founder|Founding Member
    Charter|Charter Member

    I created a list to show our Founding members vs. Charter members in AMR users.

    Then I realized the option value in s2member should be FoudING and not FoundER, so I went to the s2member field and changed it to:
    Founding|Founding Member
    Charter|Charter Member

    My AMR user list still shows FoundER instead of FoundING.
    I’ve searched and do not find posts similar to this – if I’ve missed something, please point me to the right place.
    Thank you!

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  • So, next bit:
    I left the list the other day with all displaying FoundER.
    I had to designate someone as founding today – went into the user, checked the box and saved.
    And this ONE person shows up as FoundING – the others from the other day still say FoundER.
    So there’s something going on. Are there any other details I can provide, steps I can try, etc?
    Mary B.

    Plugin Author anmari


    Hi MaryB,

    Yup you have an issue, but it’s not my plugin – it is caused by updating the s2memeber field id “Founder” to “Founding”.

    I just did a quick test (Urgh dislike S2 and they don’t develop with “debug on” like I do, so it throws notices all over the shop…)

    Anyway, when you change a field id, it DOES NOT go back and update the existing memberfields => only new/updated members get the new fields. So all your older members will probably not be seeing their data correctly in their user profiles? as “Founder” is no longer in the settings ?

    Verify by either looking at older user profile or look in phpmyadmin db- see what S2member actually has stored in the database user meta table.

    My plugin extracts what is in the database and does a complete rebuild, so it sounds like the older members have older original data ?

    To fix you have to get those affected user records updated so the S2 data is in sync with the S2 settings. conditional sql update statement would do the trick if you have the skills.

    Oh wow – thank you for the info! And sorry to bother you with this then! I will post to s2member about this!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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