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    I’m having an issue with stock control, order status and customer carts which I believe are all related to the IPN from Paypal.

    I’ve made an order on my site and although the order is placed the stock is not updated, the order is set at pending and the item is not removed from the customer cart.
    This only happens when I pay for the order through Paypal.
    If I make a free item and place the order (which all happens without needing to go through paypal) then everything works fine.

    Now I’ve doen some research and it seems as though this may be caused by an IPN issue?
    I have double checked all my email addresses so they are correct and am using the primary address which validates the IPN.
    I’ve phoned paypal and they have said that it is something to do with woocommerce as it can’t be there end. (he did explain why, but i’m afraid it went a bit beyond me)

    I’m really at a loss as to what to try next.

    Any help would be much appriciated

    Im using the latest versions of both wordpress and woocommerce

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  • For others having this issue i’ve fixed this now.
    I simply put ‘’ in the IPN setup in Paypal.

    Log in to your PayPal Premier or Business account.
    Click the “Profile” subtab located in the top navigation area.
    Click the “Instant Payment Notification Preferences” link under the Selling Preferences header.
    Click “Edit” button.
    Check the box next to the description of Instant Payment Notification feature and enter the URL address of your IPN script.
    Click the “Save” button to finish the IPN activation procedure.

    Roy Ho


    This should not be needed. The gateway should have already sent the correct IPN URL to Paypal when in transaction.

    You can see line 35 of the Paypal gateway class already contains this:

    $this->notify_url   = str_replace( 'https:', 'http:', add_query_arg( 'wc-api', 'WC_Gateway_Paypal', home_url( '/' ) ) );

    I have setted up my papal in the payment gateway and everything. I check out and it redirects me to Paypal’s page when I just need to log in to start paying. However, everytime I log in it says “Please check your email address and password and try again” (I know my email and password are correct though).

    In PayPal, when it asked for the URL script I had no idea what that is, and only put in my sites URL. Will that work?

    My customers place orders, it SAYS they paid with paypal, but nothing shows up in my PayPal acct.

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