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  • I am a new WordPress user and I really wouldn’t know what a hack attempt looks like. But I got a comment on one of my sites that seems to be a string of keywords or tags. There was an email address and a website address so probably not. But the wording on the website is so weird it’s worst than someone trying to write an article in a foreign language. I know content comes from writers whose first language is not English but this is worse than bad. The website seems to be selling goose down jackets with no images. I just thought I should give a heads up just in case.

    This is just the first paragraph but it goes on and on. There is no place to make a selection only a link for a free website.

    Subsequent My partner and i got several seedling Canada Goose Victoria parka from your carrier as well as placed against each other on my own hands. I had been by now overdue pertaining to perform, along with in which I’d personally acquire throughout while not having to cease. In performing your own products, you should look at to apply your current motions. Energy wallet around the still left sleeved along with wallets Canada Goose Victoria parka maintain palms hot. Possibly the hardly ever make use of the classic for contemporary evening kinds. Nevertheless, once this problem can be preserved for a long period, contributes to undesirable signs and symptoms which enable it to destruction your overall health. Don’t forget, you might be at the job to operate so will be all others, and also demonstrating a pleasant couple of thighs inside a brief blouse may well switch the weather from the specialist workplace to at least Canada Goose Victoria parka one of the in the bedroom one particular.

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  • Welcome to the world of SPAM.

    It’s not a hack attempt. Hakcs do a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff. They don’t come out in the open like that.

    What you have is your normal every-day SPAM’er that’s got an automated program to sign up to your site, log in, and post comments or articles with comptuer-generated text so that they can get backlinks from your site to theirs to boost their own SEO. There’s 1,000’s of so-called SEO companies that rely on this sort of automated process to get back links for their customers.

    Mark the comment as SPAM, and if you are concerned, you can install Akismet or another anti-spam plugin to help keep things like this to a minimum.

    Remember that now they know that your site publishes heir links, they’ll be coming back a whole lot more oftem to add in more and more links.

    Good to know. I did not link to the website through the link in the comment and I did hit the spam button. Didn’t even try to go to the email. That is one bad computer language translation program. Kinds gave me the creeps.
    Thanks for the advise.

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