Possible for user blogs to point to subdomains where WordPress is not installed? (3 posts)

  1. Matthew Hui
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Right now WordPress MS supports hosting user blogs on site.com/usersite or usersite.site.com if WordPress is installed on site.com. However is it possible to host it userblogs on subdomain.site.com/usersite instead?

  2. You CAN install wordpress at sub.domain.com and have subfolders so you get sub.domain.com/site1 and sub.domain.com/site2

    You can NOT install wordpress at domain.com and have BOTH site1.domain.com and sub.domain.com/site2 without some multi-network plugins.

  3. And if you want subfolder child blogs, install it with subfolders NOT subdomains. you'll need to set those up with one of the network plguins (which also map those subdomains or full domains).

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