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    Trying to find a staff plugin that will let me assign titles based on category or team, as staff in my organization often have different titles/roles for each of our projects. Some of the senior staff have four or five roles, and it is very inefficient for them to have four or five different bios that all need to be edited each time something changes. Including all of their titles in one “position” field gets very messy.

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  • Hi,

    Please note that the plugin does not have the exact functionalities mentioned above but can offer the following options as a solution:

    1. Only one profile is created per staff member but in the category, the parameters are added, for example for each project. Please see here

    2. For the member that has more than one role, you can fill in those by editing the post of that member. Please see here.

    In this case, depending on how many parameters you have for each member, the corresponding number of posts for that member will be shown on the frontend.
    Please see here

    Thanks. Have a nice day.

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