[resolved] Possible? delte custom field values - if special custom field exists? (1 post)

  1. arthurdent2003
    Posted 5 years ago #


    I have different posts with different values filled with custom field values. E.g: "address" "musicstyle" -

    but when the event is over, I would like to let it stay in the database.

    I have another custom field "pastevent" - so when one event is over, it gives a special banner "Event Over" .

    To not all the time deleting address, musicstyle, etc. manually, I'd like to have something like: when "pastevent" is set to true, the custom fields should be cleared/deleted automatically and the post should be set to another category...

    Is there any "easy" way to make such a automatic thing?

    I thought about making it with "if custom_field_value do this..." but the custom field values would be still in the databas....

    So any hint would be great!



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