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  • Hey, 👋

    I am working on a site on local. I am using a custom post type to list some external URLs, mostly articles published about the same brand on various different websites.

    I am also using Easy Digital Download, to offer some downloads to logged-in users.

    Whenever I try to publish a post/ custom post with a custom permalink to point to an external source, I get an error saying Publishing failed.

    I check the dev tools to find why that is happening, and it seems like it is conflicting with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

    Here is the response I see in the dev tools Network tab for the 403:

    code	rest_cannot_update
    message	Sorry, you are not allowed to edit the _edd_button_behavior custom field.
    data	{…}
    key	_edd_button_behavior
    status	403


    When I deactivate the Easy Digital Download plugin and try the same, the issue does not come up.

    Is there a possible workaround for this?

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