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  • Hi,

    This is intended for only the Pixeled theme:

    Not sure if this has some further meaning, but to me it seems like a bug. When you click on the rss image it adds the word “feed:” to the front of the URL and gives a page cannot be displayed. Like I said, not sure this has a meaning w/ some other rss feeds, but it doesn’t work for me.
    Solution: I just removed the words “feed:” from line 79 (I believe it was) from the header.php. Works fine now 🙂 Just wanted to post in case anyone either 1) had the same problem or 2) knows if there was an intention to adding that “feed:” phrase. Thanks,

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  • Its not a bug, that is the way it is supposed to behave. When you click on that link it should take you a option to subscribe to the feed in you RSS feed reader. You have just removed the intended functionality.

    Hmm, yeah, I was affraid of that…but still that does not work for me if I use IE7 as my feed reader. Take the “rss feed for this topic” link…why does that NOT have the phrase “feed:” in it then? I am thinking maybe if you add “feed:” the intention is to automatically subscribe to the feed, whereas w/out “feed:” it gives you the feed page w/ the option to subscribe, is this correct? I just want to know HOW “feed” works if I add it back…Thanks – looking forward to the response unixgolf 🙂

    OH, I just realized I may have posted this under the wrong category: this bug was for a specific template “pixeled”: Here is a link should Pixeled

    Not positive what you are asking, but here is a link to the codex information on WordPress feeds. It may help provide some insight:

    WordPress Feeds

    Good luck..

    Thx again unixgolf: I don’t think you are actually looking at the issue. If you go to the template pixeled ( I provided the link) open the example posted. Then try to click the rss feed image button (on that specific template). I am pretty sure it’s a bug because it was not mentioed in the WordPress feeds you posted. anyway, Thanks,

    I’m gonna have to agree with the “bug” theory … or at least ask … how do we get the RSS button to do something other then give “this webpage cannot be displayed” …


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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