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  • Hi all

    I make heavy use of Custom Fields, but I’ve just realised that the drop down list on a post page only contains 30 items.

    I have more than 30 custom fields, which means I can’t reuse the same custom fields on some pages if they do not appear in the first 30 items of the Custom Field drop down list.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem, and do you know a way around it?

    Couldn’t find it in Trac’s bug tracker, but if someone can confirm it’s happening to them too I’ll add it over there.

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  • Easy work around, just add new with the name of the custom fields that you want to reuse, still works.

    However would be better, I think, if the drop down list contained the full available selection.

    Is this a feature request rather than a bug? Your thoughts?

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