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  • I am 3-4 weeks old to WordPress, so it is possible if I stick around long enough I will learn that the bug I am about to suggest may be old news. Anyway….

    ..When I edit my blog in Safari, my editing pages for creating new entries and editing old ones is very basic. Compared to my experiences of doing the same tasks in Opera and Firefox, using Safari might be considered the boring way to go. In Opera and FF, you have these great tool bars above the editing areas, and it is WYSIWYG. However, I prefer Safari for the simple reason that it appears FF and Opera (which make use of WYSIWYG) add <P> tags and closing </P> tags where they do not belong, so you end up with pages with one more P tag or not enough closing P tags and then our pages will not validate.

    This has happened to me 5-6 times so far. So much so that I no longer edit in anything other than Safari.

    Has anyone else run into this?

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  • Nope. My pages/posts always validate just fine using the plain ol’ non-wysiwyg editor. In fact, they even validate just fine using Windows Live Writer to post, unless I use it to add graphics or maps.

    Got lots of client installs with no problems either….

    Safari doesn’t support the fancy WYSIWYG (aka Visual Rich Editor) editor… so it falls back to the default. To use that editor in your other browsers, simply turn it off.

    Users -> Your Profile. Bottom checkbox, uncheck and save. 🙂

    I think WP calls the WYSIWYG editor “TinyMCE”

    and you want to turn TinyMCE off.

    What they said above

    I think WP calls the WYSIWYG editor “TinyMCE

    TinyMCE is the actual name of the editor. Though it’s included in WordPress it’s developed by a third party and available separately.

    </correction type=”pointy-headed”>

    Moderator note: I’ve shoved this over to a more appropriate forum (Your WordPress >> Requests and Feedback).

    *laughing* Thanks, Kafkaesquí! Best laugh this week, that:
    </correction type="pointy-headed">….

    Love it….

    I don’t get anything. No TinyMCE or fallback to basic buttons. Any idea what might be the issue. Maybe it is a Safari plugin that stops it happening?

    If you’re using safari, you don’t get the wysiwyg. Nothing’s missing except the base functionality in your browser. You should be seeing just the basic text entry screen.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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