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    I installed this plugin on a site I built for a friend over a year ago. I upgraded to Pro and got a lot of support from you guys during the teething stages of the website’s construction.

    I think I’ve found a bug and I wanted to let you know. On the website, we use a widget calendar and a full calendar. The widget can be seen on most pages, such as this: (it’s on the left next to the About section).

    And the full calendar can be seen here:

    Anyways, the possible bug is this: In Events > Settings > Formatting > Calendar, under the “Calendar Day Event List Settings” section, we had “Calendar events/day limit” set to 1. But this was effectively disabling the “more gigs…” link and the date link from showing a full list of events that occur on the same day as other events. So any day that had 2 or more events, only one event would show.

    But when I delete the 1 from “Calendar events/day limit” we get the list working as it ought to (when clicking on the date. However, the “more gigs…” link is now gone. Also, all events show in the full calendar, making the calendar layout a lil bloated for days with many events.

    Could it be another setting clashing with this?

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    it works for me? can I know what is your current EM and WP FullCalendar please?

    EM version is 5.5.2, and I just updated WP to 3.8.1.

    The full calendar can be seen here: Sorry, is that what you wanted to see?

    Plugin Support caimin_nwl


    Are you using the WP FullCalendar plugin, or just the calendar option that comes with Events Manager?

    Oh, I don’t actually have the WP FullCalendar! I didn’t know of it’s existence. I’m using the full calendar built in with EM…

    This is the shortcode I’m using:

    [events_calendar full=1 long_events=1]

    Maybe the long_events bit is conflicting?

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    maybe you can try EM dev version – To upgrade to the dev version see here –

    Ok, just installed and tried WP FullCalendar and it doesn’t appear to be working. I’m using the following shortcode for it, but nothing shows up:


    But honestly, I don’t know what I’m meant to see or if WP FullCalendar is meant to be able to use and display the events I have created with EM. I’m surely missing something basic… Any suggestions?

    Either way, I’ve just enabled the dev version of EM, and have updated to dev vers

    It hasn’t helped. I went into Events > Settings > Formatting, then into Calendar. Under “Calendar events/day limit” I changed the empty field to 1, saved changes, previewed website, and it the calendar displays correctly, but when I click on the “more gigs…” link or the date that I know has more than 1 event, I am taken to the first event of that day. Therefore there is no way to see the other events on that day. 🙁

    Plugin Support caimin_nwl


    Can you paste a link to the page with the “more gigs…” problem?

    I went to and can’t see that problem. Thanks.

    Hmmmm I can, except it means I have to screw up the site. Basically, when I set the calendar to show only 1 event per day, the “more gigs…” link appears, and clicking that or the date SHOULD take you to a list of THAT DATE’S events. Instead it takes you to the first event on that date. All other events are inaccessible.

    So I have turned this off because people go to this site frequently and they are not going to be able to access these events.

    If you can tell me when you are likely able to do this I can turn it on for say an hour or so, but I really don’t want to leave it this way for a full day.

    sorry, I know it must sound like I’m being fussy, but I just worry that the functionality of the site is somewhat at risk. If you get me…

    Plugin Support caimin_nwl


    Know what you’re saying but it might be difficult to time it just right 🙂

    It might be worth checking whether or not it works without WP FullCalendar running.

    Totally understand. I will talk to the website owner about maybe putting the Gig Guide offline for a day.

    In the meantime, I’d like to give WP FullCalendar another shot, but should it simply work automatically, cos it didn’t for me…

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    when I set the calendar to show only 1 event per day, the “more gigs…” link appears, and clicking that or the date SHOULD take you to a list of THAT DATE’S events. Instead it takes you to the first event on that date. All other events are inaccessible.

    – can you try this option, Events > Settings > Formatting > Calendar > Show list on day with single event =Yes

    Hi again, sorry for not getting back to this sooner.

    Angelo_nwl, it is already set to Yes.

    Caimin_nwl, I’m going to enter 3 for the number of events on each calendar day. Currently it is blank so all events will show. I will revert it back after 24 hours. Is enabling this tomorrow (Feb 4th) at 7pm, UTC+10:00 time, enough time for you to have a look?

    Plugin Support caimin_nwl


    Can’t promise, but if it’s around this time tomorrow I should be able to take a look.

    That’s perfect, thanks! 🙂

    It is done. 🙂 Here’s the link again:

    And a bit of info… Feb 7th has 2 events and Feb 8th has 5 events.

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