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  • Hi guys,

    we have been developing a highy customized site based on wordpress and woocommerce (woocommerce version is prior to 2.0 – updating will not be possible due to tons of customizations).

    –> We are planning on using woocommerce’s affiliate feature –> and importing 400-500 thousand products from online shops –> to then offer a price/product comparison engine.

    QUESTION: I have browsed through some forums and they often say that anything above 20k products would make more sense using Magento or other things –> they don’t reccommend wordpress and woocommerce.

    Do you think this is generally possible? I’m aware of the server performance I need –> but aport from having a kick ass server –> are there any limilations that simply won’t work with that amount of products and categories (500k products will also have a ton of categories, we will have something around 10.000 categories).

    I am looking forward to your opinions –> possibly woocommerce support has any experiences here?

    Thanks a lot,

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  • Even WordPress can hardly handle 500k entries. WooCommerce will be even worst.

    Imagine all your orders, products, and blog post will be sharing the same table, your post table will grow fast.

    If the post table doesn’t break your server, the categories and post meta table will.

    PS: I manage


    thanks a lot for your answer.

    I see you have more than 40k pages indexed on that shop and are running woocommerce –> would you happen to give us some insight on the server you are using? Apart from having a decent server, caching, CDN – any other modifications you made to the database/wordpress?

    I am running into some people who say its just the question of what server is used and others like you who say that the database will just blow up…any technical way this can be realized to work? One thing read is sb. who had the database on a separate server.

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate it,

    Well… itself runs on WordPress. Other than having top-of-the-line server resources, this plugin will be a big help: .

    In multisite mode, WordPress create a set of new tables for each blog. It will be more difficult to handle one large blog. You will need to do a lot of optimization in your theme to keep your site fast.

    Also keep in mind that store is a lot more dynamic then a static blog, makes thing hard to cache. WordPress is flexible but at the end it isn’t designed for ecommerce use case, you cannot even run a sales report in WooCommerce if you have a large store.


    We have 1 web server (c1.xlarge) and 1 database (m1.xlarge). We made a lot of optimization in our theme, but didn’t hardcode any thing in WooCommerce, so yes, if you have the skill and time, WooCommerce can handle quite a lot of traffic.

    Optimization including use ElasticSearch for search page and product filter, Redis for WooCommerce session storage etc.

    Also I would suggest you upgrade to the latest WooCommerce version, there are lots of things need to be fix under the hood so you better keep it up to date.

    Thanks for your answers! Thanks Ka Yue, I really appreciate it.

    In terms of hosting – heavily suggests – their Enterprise plan is 300USD a month, managed wordpress hosting…I assume this is what uses (1mio visitors a month, ~150k indexed stes). I am thinking about using them for the start and then increasing number of products time after time to see how it goes. But I’ll send those guys an email before committing to anything.

    @ka Yue – Having the database on a separate server sounds like something I need, I have to look into that. I already told my tech guys to update woocommerce…may take a while to sort out the bugs now, but it should be worth it.

    I have zero experience with ElasticSearch and Redis…I’ll add that to my list.

    Thanks a lot! Any other tipps or suggestions, feel free to share 😉

    Have a great day,

    @ka Yue, 2 quick follow up questions, if you don’t mind:

    Using Redis – does that mean in addition to the standard wordpress mysql?

    Using ElasticSearch – so you replaced woocommerce/wordpress search with elasticsearch? Just because its quicker and allows better tracking, or for any other reason? Is this complicated to do? –> we are using a premium woocommerce plugin for this: – technically possibly to add ElasticSearch to that?

    One other question I have not found an answer to so far –> I see some people reccommend building the wordpress theme on bootsrap – why do this? I have not found single site which points out the advantages (except responsiveness) versus just having a regular wordpress theme.

    Thanks again,


    Redis and ElasticSearch is just something bonus. We have 2 in house programmers working full time on the site thus we are able to use these “advance” technology. (Well, in fact they are industry standard in the IT world).

    Technical details:

    WooCommerce store customer’s cart information in WordPress’s option table (MySQL), and it is a lot of read and sometime write to database. So we use Redis to store these information because Redis can handle them a lot faster. Redis’s performance is as fast as Memcache. (The end result is it didn’t improve that much). Beside this everything else is still in MySQL.

    We also use ElasticSearch for a faster, better search. WooCommerce’s search is just an exact match on product title. And the product filter in the sidebar is really a performance killer in our site, ElasticSearch helped us quite a lot in our case.

    And I am a fan of Bootstrap, our store is using Bootstrap as the CSS framework too. Go take a look at

    We did not pick WooCommerce for performance. We pick WooCommerce because it is easy to modify and fit our team’s background (WordPress developer). We tried to use Magento before but it was too difficult for us to modify.

    I don’t know how many traffic do you have and I couldn’t even imagine how can you manage 500k products and inventory…

    THANKS! I really appreciate it. I will take all of this into consideration and hopefully get the site running at decent speed!

    Thanks again Ka Yue!

    ^^right –> the 500k products are all affiliate. So we don’t have any inventory, orders etc etc – this all doesn’t have to be taken care of. Otherwise I think I would have also gone with Magento – we took wordpress for the same reasons you did 😉

    What we are doing is a “find and compare” fashion product platform. So users can comapre products from multiple shops on one platform – hence all is affiliate. We simply import the product data from our partner shops and then redirect a user to that shop if he wants to purchase an item. So purchasing, logistics, orders etc. is all not done on our site…that’s why I am still optimistic that wordpress will be able to handle it all. Filters we modified to JUST have ajax…but core still is woocommerce – I hope we won’t run into the problems you did…guess I’ll have to find out


    I’m actually trying to get an affiliate store running as well…however we start with approx. 100k products.

    My main concern however is not wether it’s going to run stable but how to update my product feeds on a daily basis. I currently need around 10 hours to update one product feed containing around 10k products. I use WP All Import and have a dedicated server running.

    My hosting company advised me to make the updates directly via sql dump and SSH but WP All Import does of course not support that.

    Does anybody know any hints how to optimize my loading time so I could run product feed updates daily with let’s say 50k products a night?

    Feedback much appreciated.

    Hi Alec,

    interesting quuestion, I’d also appreciate any advice here.

    Just out of the box (we’re not at the point of running any updates yet), I assume you’ll need a MYSQL exptert to build you a tool. I doubt there’s anything available here…especially since you won’t go over wordpress then, but you’ll want to drop it directly to the database.

    Do you get your feeds in XML?

    What we’ll do in the beginning: We built ourselves an SQL database in Access which just gives us the products which actually have changes. This way we just update what really has to get updated and not go to every single item on the site. So e.g. 10% change prices each day would then reduce your load to 10k for all 100k products.

    We’ll use the premium woocommerce import tool to update, but I also doubt it will take any shorter than 10hours for 10k products.

    A side question – is your site running stable with 100k products? Mind sharing a link?! 😀 Maybe you could let us know what base theme you are using (bootstrap or something else…)

    Hello there,

    @nyhotdogman Do you offer price comparasion on your products? And could you explain how this could be done when working with multiple affiliate data feeds.

    Would be great to hear from you.

    kind regards!

    nope – no price comparison. That would only work if you got EAN numbers from the stores…if you had those I am sure you could merge products easily with a bit of coding

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