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  • Ok, just upgraded to 2.8 and I have two plugins (supposedly updated) that are causing some odd issues. The first is XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress3.1.3 it is detecting the path to the sitemap like this. Detected Path: /home/content/t/i/m/timage/html/theatlantaweddingphotographer/sitemap.xml Now, I got to tell you there IS no such path. I am having a similar problem with WP-DB Manager as well, I have a BIG RED message at the top of my admin console, here’s what it says. “Your backup folder MIGHT be visible to the public” The below, it shows this. To correct this issue, move the .htaccess file from wp-content/plugins/wp-dbmanager to /home/content/t/i/m/timage/html/theatlantaweddingphotographer/wp-content/backup-db Again, no such path exists, and my .htaccess is not in wp-dbmanager folder. What is going on here? This problem did not exist before upgrading.

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  • Oh, almost forgot, if I deactivate WP-DB Manager, the big red warning goes away.

    I have same problem and solved with using this url i hope it helps you too

    I don’t think it’s the same thing, the directories are not the same, there is no such path.

    I’m not sure if you would call this bugs or not, so I apologize in advance.

    1) In the Edit Page Visual mode, I often want to multiply images by copying an image from the current page and paste it back onto the same page. This usually works just fine, but I’ve noticed that the image source/path becomes incorrect when doing this on sub-pages. The image link created is ../something instead of the full path, which results in an incorrect image source.

    2) On a Page or Post, when using Edit Image on an image that is already resized through the Advanced Image Settings > Size > Width and/or Height, the original image size values are shown as default in the Width and Height boxes. I would expect the custom values I’ve entered and saved last time to be the ones showing up here, not the original size values.

    /home/content/t/i/m/timage/html/theatlantaweddingphotographer/sitemap.xml is a godaddy path. Just remove the /html/ and before that and it shuold be fine.

    I get the following message in WP 2.8.

    Dashboard Stats needs attention: please enter an API key or disable the plugin.

    I have done what it asks (twice) and WP stats works ok but the message remains.

    I’m having 2 consistent problems with 2.8 update. BIG problems for me. On only one of my 4 wp sites.
    1. Image upload. Won’t work. None of the media upload buttons work at all.
    2. Trying to put client info in a password protected page. Visibility “edit” doesn’t work at all. Nothing. Nada. Everything is public I guess.

    I’m holding my breath for the 2.81 upgrade, hoping it’ll fix these problems.


    I’m having the same problem as Stariel above. Also the Quick Edit link in the list of posts seems to not be working.

    Now the button for adding tags seems to have quit functioning as well.

    me too. Same problems…
    1. Flash media uploader and even the browser’s uploader doesn’t work
    2. can’t add new category and tags, although i can select existing category on the list but the tags won’t even show the “mostly used/popular tags”
    3. toggles on menu doesn’t work as well

    if ever it takes long enough for the next version. how do i downgrade back to 2.7?

    I am having the same problem as jikoyster and duemer. There clearly is a bug in the latest version!

    After I upgraded to 2.8, I noticed a problem when I uploaded more than about 2 dozen photos intended to be used in a Gallary. I had a post with 57 photos, and during the phase when it opens up, inventories and builds the list, I get a message saying something about a script running that is stalling out IE8 and if I kept running it, it would eventually freeze IE 8. So I click cancel and it lets me move on. But everytime I open that list to change a caption, or to select an individual photo to insert, there is about a 10 second pause while this unknown script runs, then I get the error message. Once I click to end the script, I can click on ‘show all’ so that I can go down the list adding captions. But if I hit the ‘update’ button to save my changes, it pauses that same 10 seconds.

    Other related items… I can be working on a list of photos, and accidently click outside the working window, and poof! it disappears and I see the dashboard window inside the small images working window and now way to get back.

    Looking foward to the patched version. Love WordPress however, but now I understand why some sites are stil at 2.71.

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