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    It is a very nice plugin, thanks for that! I’m looking for a possibility to work with multiple Mollie accounts. How can I realize this with this plugin?

    I am a basic programmer and I understand PHP a bit πŸ™‚

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    Hi Thijmens,
    Thank you for your kind words. Please also consider a 5-start review then, hehe. πŸ™‚

    Basically nothing is truly impossible, of course – depending on how much custom coding you are willing to do. Yet, this plugin does not provide/support multiple accounts.

    You can use it in a WP MultiSite installation. Each sub blog has its own settings, so then you can use a Mollie account per blog/website.

    Let me explain:
    There are always (at least) two calls between your server and Mollie:
    1) Sending the customer off to Mollie for a payment and returning to your site. (Viewable in the browser)
    2) Mollie calls your server’s web hook to update the transaction status. That same call is made if anything in this transaction changes at Mollie (time-out, refunded, chargeback). (Hidden, behind the scenes)

    For both communications you will need the correct API key used to create that transaction. You cannot even retrieve live data with a test key and vice versa.

    So, using multiple Mollie accounts, will require multiple API keys. Then for every transaction (ingoing + outgoing) you will need a way to make sure to use the correct API key for that specific booking. How will you do that? Also knowing that some status changes may take days…

    Awhile back someone asked a similar question on the Events Manager forum for multiple PayPal accounts. PayPal actually told him that such use would be against their policy and would ban him for life.

    So, to be honest… I doubt if Mollie will allow it.

    Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

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    Hi Patrick, thank you for your clear explanation!

    The system currently runs on multiple Mollie apis that have been approved by Mollie. This is because as an association we have several sub-bank accounts. The current plugin, which is programmed in Events-Manager itself, is no longer adequate.

    When creating a new event, one could opt for a certain Mollie account. This was then used for iDeal. I am familiar with the Mollie system, but I was looking for an easy way to use this plugin several times on the same website.

    If I can’t figure it out myself, is there an option to do it through you through payment? By the way, we can discuss it further by e-mail (in Dutch :-)).

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    Just to make sure:
    An approved account by Mollie does not automatically mean they allow you to use those accounts on one website. I have several approved accounts, but each one is used on a different website.

    Sorry, but I am not putting any time in altering my plugin for something I do not back.

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