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    I am using the Gemini Template by Root, and what I’m trying to do now is position the search box up in the header, aligned on right side, and on the same horizontal plane as the site title (which is aligned left). I can’t get it right. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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  • form#searchform {position:absolute; top:35px; } or something to that effect

    Errr. Doesn’t position absolute take its reference from the parent container?

    I think it does….that’s why I like containers. But then CSS confuses me. 🙂

    Yes, so you would need to use a negative px

    Posting error? Sorry, Root, I don’t understand… do you mean I posted this question in the wrong forum? or… ?

    No. I began a post but I changed my mind. I couldnt find the words to explain it but I have to tell you this q concerns me. I have done one of these live on this forum before and it was a disaster. I even did a demo and the guy still could’ nt get it. It drove us both mad in the end.:)

    hmmm… well… I’m getting there… just a bit more fiddling required I think. 🙂

    Well there is going to be fiddling aplenty. Guaranteed.

    ok, I give up. It is appearing at different positions between FireFox and IE… and I’m not ready to figure that stuff out. 🙁

    Might be a bit early for you. But dont give up completely. My code is there in the demo. Just help yourself.

    Well it’s still not aligned properly, but at least it is consistantly in the wrong place between FireFox and IE. Now if someone could just help me to understand how I can move it down a bit, and a little to the right? 🙂
    Funny thing is that when I put in the demo code above I had a lovely banner perfectly positioned! Maybe I should just sell ad space. 😉

    got it sussed! yee hah!

    Looks fine here on FF.

    Looks good on both IE and FF! Good on ya mate 🙂

    Speaking of customizing the search box, how do you change the width of the button? I’ve tinkered, but have only succeeded in adjusting the width of the box, which also resizes the button. Is it possible to resize the button independently? I’d like to make it smaller and centered under the input box.
    Barring that, is there a way to use an image instead of a button?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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