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  • My site was recently hacked and I’m using the slow rebuilding process as an excuse to switch over to a CSS based layout. BUT, I suck at CSS, so I have a question:

    If you visit my blog at you’ll see that the header image has a menu on it. In HTML I could just slice that image up and link the menu buttons, but I have no idea how to link them using CSS.

    Do you know? I’m assuming I need to use positioned elements? The layout is based on the MX4Mod.

    Please help! Thanks for your time. 🙂

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  • That’s a hard one…. positioned elements are almost wonkier than just doing the normal slice n dice with links. IE is seriously sick with positioned elements, and Opera can be awkward about it too.

    Here’s a good article about faux-image maps using CSS, in which is also discussed some of the postitioning difficulties, IIRC:

    you can proly do it as two uls without mucking with positioning. you can still slice and dice just like with tables, you’ll just assign the images to the background property of LIs instead of TDs or imagemaps.

    you can also do the sprite method. google “shea ala sprites’. there’s an article on ala about it.

    that’s a really nice design!


    Have you had good luck with the sprites method viewing appropriately in most “modern” browsers, Will? I haven’t used it, but css-discuss has had some threads about it, wherein the consensus is it’s not a 100% usable method as yet….

    now I’m scared. I’ve had really good luck with it. I wonder what I’m not seeing! 🙁

    the site/theme I’m working on now uses sprites: it’s all the #menu code in the css.


    that link will likely rot soonish. eventually it will be live at

    Thanks syrupcore! I’m glad you like the layout.

    I caved and reverted back to an HTML layout so I could use the menu, though that was also a pain in the bootie.

    Looks pretty good Will, though there’s a LOT of hover flicker in IE when mousing from thumbnail to thumbnail….

    I highly recommend the list at – very helpful folks (SO helpful that I’ve never yet in 6 months had to post – I just read the threads and use the archives!)

    OrchidRed, I really like your new design. I’m sorry to hear of the hackjob problem…. your photos are really great – I enjoyed looking them over, so hope you’re back in business soon!

    thanks vkaryl. that’s a weird one. when I test it on my laptop, there’s no flicker but when I test it on a regular CRT, it flickers the whole screen (looks like ff is too). I’ll need to dig a bit.

    I can’t keep up with css-d! that’s the busiest list I’ve ever been on.

    the top nav section is the sprites bit (one bg image). the thumbnails are just spans with the pics inside.


    Use the digests…. sometimes I just hit the archives every third day or so….

    Yeah – before going to digest I was getting a combined 100+ emails a day from css-d and evolt’s thelist….

    Thanks Vkaryl! I’m glad you like my photos. 🙂

    You wouldn’t, by any chance, be able to help me with this would you? I hope?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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