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    There isn’t an option built into the plugin to achieve this unless you create a customised version.

    To perform the customisation to enable this, edit the js/popup.js file to replace lines 8 + 9:

    var left = (screen.width/2) - (w/2);
    var top = (screen.height/2) - (h/2);


    var left = 0;
    var top = 0;

    Hi @cubecolour,

    How hard would it be to build in the option for a “top” / “left” alignment parameter to the default plugin?

    The whole discovery of Alligator Popup and the story behind it has been fun to read about (wrestling an alligator, etc.).

    Thank you for what the plugin is already “out of the box”!

    PS Editing the popup.js as you’ve instructed above and then updating the code when the plugin updates is totally okay if we really need the custom positioning. Just thought I’d ask to see. Great work on resolving all of these support topics, too!

    Plugin Author cubecolour



    Glad you like the plugin. It shouldn’t be hard to build the options in if someone was willing to sponsor the work.

    if you use a customised version of any plugin, you can prevent it from updating is to either rename it or change the version number to something stupidly high.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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