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  1. paulgoodfield
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Is there a way of setting the position of pages created using the add_submenu_page function in the admin area? I know you can set the position of top level menus created using the add_menu_page function, but I can't find any mention of how to position submenu pages.

    Basically, I've created a top level menu called 'Sermons'. I've registered 4 custom post types (Messages, Series, Meetings, Speakers) which have been set to sit inside this menu (using the 'show_in_menu' argument).

    The problem is, I've also created a submenu page called 'Add New' (using the add_submenu_page function) which I want to be the first submenu link under the 'Sermons' menu. By default it sits at the bottom of the submenu (underneath the custom post type links) and I can't find any way to move it to the top.

    This is how the admin menu currently looks:

    - Sermons
    -- Messages
    -- Series
    -- Meetings
    -- Speakers
    -- Add New

    I want 'Add New' to be the first sublink, not at the bottom.

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