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    Hi. So glad to have found your plugin, couldn’t believe it was so difficult to find one that fulfilled even the most basic of requirements.

    Anyway, I have questions rather than issues as follows:

    – The bio box is appearing after 2 other in-post plugins on my post pages as opposed to directly after the content. Is there any way to change that?
    FYI I’m using Headway theme and the 2 plugins are the paid version of Max Banner Ads Pro and nrelate

    – Are you planning to Pinterest to the list of social media links?



    PS I used to live in Strawberry Hill!

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  • Ah, just found the info on adding other social icons so scrub that 2nd query!


    Plugin Author vicchi


    The bio box is appearing after 2 other in-post plugins on my post pages as opposed to directly after the content. Is there any way to change that?

    This should probably be in the plugin’s FAQ so I’ll add words to this effect into the next version of the plugin.

    WP Biographia, like a lot of plugins, uses the the_content filter to add the Biography Box to a post’s or page’s content. When there’s more than one plugin queuing up code for any given WordPress filter, the code is executed according to priority (the default is 10) with lower priority code running before higher priority code. Where there’s more than one filter running code at the same priority, which one gets run first is a bit of a lottery and depends on the order in which WordPress runs the plugin’s code, which is usually alphabetically.

    So what’s probably happening is that the code which runs via the the_content filter for your other 2 plugins is being executed before WP Biographia’s code.

    I’ve taken a quick look at the code for the nrelate Related Content plugin and I can see that it’s also adding a filter for the_content at priority 10. I can’t check the code for Max Banner Ads Pro but it’s a reasonable assumption that this plugin is doing the same.

    To ensure that WP Biographia’s the_content filter runs before the other two plugins, you can change the priority at which this plugin runs the the_content filter (and also the_excerpt filter if your theme uses excerpts).

    From the WordPress Dashboard navigate to Settings -> WP Biographia -> Admin tab. Under Content And Excerpt Settings you’ll see a box for Content Filter Priority. If you lower the default value of 10 to 9 this should have the desired effect. Don’t forget to click on Save Admin Settings. You may need to tweak this slightly depending on whether your theme or other plugins are also using this filter at this priority.

    See also the highlighted notes about the wpautop filter below the priority settings in case this causes your Biography Box to be formatted incorrectly.

    Hope this all helps.


    Hey Gary

    Many, many thanks! That fixed it first time.

    You are my hero of the day 😉



    Plugin Author vicchi


    Excellent; glad to hear it and liking the “hero” bit too.


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