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    Thanks Miguel!

    I’m also linking this to our main translation tips thread as well.

    Hello Miguel. I’m using your recommended file, but however, I see some translated details and other untranslated. In the Po editor all seems ok, but in the user interface, translations are missing. Any solution about how to solve this?



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    @rubinacastro: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. Also these are English language forums, so please use English or provide an English translation. Alternatively, use a WP support forum in your language.


    If you find .po file fully translated and missing translations, it may indicate code that should be ready translatable and it’s not, or an outdated .pot file.

    Would you please post all your findings to check it out?

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    Hi @rubincastro,

    You may need to upgrade the translation file, which you can follow the same steps outlined in our sister plugin’s FAQ here:



    my findings are:
    #”Colocar Anuncio” webpage#
    1-Please select a Category for your Ad
    2- Ad Category (Select a Category)
    3- Please select the owner for this Ad

    and when i click on one random Add for detailed information i have this untraslated outputs:
    1-Contact Information
    2-Contact (person name)
    3-More Information

    i dont understand this outcome because i checked the AWPCP-pt_PT.po file and the translation is there.

    where can i find the Catalog menu?

    Thanks for helping 🙂

    In my site all those entries are translated. The zip folder with the translation files was just replaced by another with the files in use on my site.

    You can check it out in here:

    Try to download again and test, maybe the previous zip folder by mistake wasn’t updated as pointed by AWPCP in his previous comment.

    Plugin Author awpcp


    I think you mean the Category menu. There’s no place in the translation file for that, as it’s generated from the data in your Categories configuration, except for the items you have in the translation file above. If you translate those, activate the file, it should work.

    Have you altered the keys used by the translation file by accident? That would prevent the lookup from working at runtime.

    I solved the “Browse Ads” (Contact Information | More Information)translations by changing the names to PT in the wp dashboard. But i still have the “Place Ad” page with the fields

    <h2>Select Payment/Category</h2>
    <h3>Please select a Category for your Ad</h3>
    <label for=”place-ad-category”>Ad Category</label>

    in the translation file, they are translated. I have already replace the zip file, nothing changed.

    I assume you are using Poedit software on you PC.

    If so please open the translation file with it and look for one of the entries you’re not getting translation but is actually translated in the file.

    Once you find one, mouse hover that line and right click it. You’ll see popping up a small window where you can read the name(s) of the file(s)and line(s) to which that entry refer and will provide translation.

    Post here the original text of that line and the file(s):line(s) it refers.

    @miguelcortereal yes i am using Poedit.

    original text: Select Payment/Category
    translation: Seleção de categoria / pagamento

    file and line: frontend/templates/page-place-ad-order-step.tpl.php:1

    This is an issue on the plugin that requires the atention from the developer.

    The line of code #1 from that file is as follow:

    <h2><?php _ex('Select Payment/Category', 'place ad order step', 'AWPCP'); ?></h2>

    For some reason that I couldn’t never explain it just doesn’t translate at least for Portuguese.

    I had the same problem that rubinacastro is having now and my solution was to hardcode the plugin and replace all similiar lines as follow:

    <h2><?php _e('Select Payment/Category', 'AWPCP'); ?></h2>

    So, removing the second parameter and replacing all _ex by _e it will work fine.

    Not the best solution but good enough until the developer have fixed it all.

    Posting again to correct my previous comment.

    It looks like that the issue I’ve pointed is already fixed and what needs atention is my translation.

    I’ve just updated the translation from the last POT file version and yes, I confirm to have an outdated translation.

    Being so forget about hardcode the files to get it running.

    The zip folder with Portuguese translation is already replaced at least by a clean and errors free one.

    At this moment after the files update it is 75% translated. I’ll be translating what is missing as soon as I can, unless someone do it before and let me know.

    So right now only 75% complete, sorry!!

    zip file downloaded and replaced – ok
    The .po file 100% translated -ok.

    However in the website, my findings still untranslated. To translate it, i went to the files and changed in the code (from EN to PT), but the problem now is the special chars typical from the PT lang like (ú and Ç)apears the symbol � instead.

    I am starting to think is a bug within the awpcp code that prevents the .po file to translate properly…

    Plugin Author awpcp


    Hi rubin,

    Well, we have many users that have successfully used their translations so it seems unlikely to be a bug in AWPCP specifically for PT here. Did you follow ALL of the steps in our translation guide?

    Are you using POEdit as described?

    if you’re hand-editing the file, that may cause issues with character encoding depending on your editor.

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