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  • Hi

    We’re running Woocommerce 2.01 on our site:

    We’ve had a customer in Portugal contact us with an issue.

    When he selects his country at checkout the state/province/county box disappears.

    However this is a mandatory field so when he hits the place order button the site flags up that this field has not been completed.

    Is their either hack to put this field back on the site when Portugal is selected or alternatively a way of removing the form verification script for this box.

    many thanks


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  • We have just done a bit more digging and done a short term fix by removing Portugal from the list of countries that a state field is not show in the class_wc_countries.php file.

    Yes I have the same problem, they need to fix this soon! All the surrounding countries are fine, just Portugal is causing this issue.

    I have found the permanent fix for this. It seems to be the developer’s error for leaving Portugal out of the main countries array. Simplly add this piece of code

    'PT' => array(
    	'state'	=> array(
    	'required' => false

    to the get_country_locale() function of the class-wc-countries.php in woocommerce classes folder.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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