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  1. darksniperx
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have designed a website in drupal http://www.nintai.ca and a lot of my friends were telling me switch to wordpress due to it being over all better.

    I wonder if it possible to recreate the same look and feel in wordpress as i have done on nintai.ca, including porting content.

    What about creating landing pages on wordpress http://blog.kissmetrics.com/landing-page-design-infographic/ is something like that possible to be done on wordpress too.

  2. Darksniperx, let me first offer you my sympathy... Porting over a site from Drupal to WordPress is no easy task.

    Others have done it and have documented it. Here's just one site that I found on google - http://blog.room34.com/archives/4530

    With regards to porting over the design. I've created over 400+ WordPress and any design is possible, so that's not the issue, but you will have a lot of work ahead of you. Landing pages are also possible.

    Before you migrate, I would ask myself if it's really worth it. If you are the one handling the site and you're happy with it, then why bother? If you're client is having trouble though, then that's different. Yes WordPress is easier, but there will be a learning curve for you. I would only do it if you want to try and learn how to do and you have time on your hands. It would be an amazing learning opportunity.

  3. darksniperx
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thank you for you kind reply.

    I came with that idea based on my research on the difference between "drupal and wordpress" and the suggestion from some of those that use wordpress. And the main difference i found is in the number of themes , widgets and the preset tools available in wordpress. Everything in drupal has to be extremely fine tuned, customized and a dozens of modules installed in order for some simple things to work.

    If i can get things done simpler and easier on wordpress, why not try it.

    For the moment, it will be a test project for my self to evaluate my self and wordpress.

    And the reason, why i made a post here is for those that have experience in wordpress to see the level of difficulty and the hardships i will face to get things working similarly to the way i did them my site.

    The other reason why i though that i should try different cms, is that there are plans in changing the way my site works. On how the information is being handled and displayed.

    By asking the question here, i could get enough feedback whether i should keep just working on drupal or look at wordpress as an alternative.

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