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  • My weedguru site is now 10 years old and beginning to show a few shabby edges and creases and rips and tears in the tapestry upon which it lives and breathes.

    The front end is divided into my own horrid attempts at html…
    with links to a few affiliates/link exchanges I have long forgotten about, and also a one way street to the ‘weedguru Classic’ pages ( ) which make the more modern front end seem wonderful, purely because the old style is somehow even worse, an odd mixture of ghostbusters/the goonies/ abstract shapes…nonetheless there is some solid content there which continues to pull in a large amount of traffic. What I do with that traffic is…minimal. Aside from sighing in disbelief at the less than herculean but still large traffic which the site pulls in monthly. (DEC 2012 traffic- 50-60000 unique visitors, 1.8 million hits)

    The forums ( ) have remained solid for many years. I could do with a major dose of SEO in my veins, and plan on taking such a dietary path, starting with consuming the various guides I have already found on the ultra rich content on this site. I am also toying with the idea, if not seriously considering, moving from phpbb3 to mybb or some other forum structure. (forums- Total posts 388317 • Total topics 24160)

    The front end of the site needs work, a complete overhaul in all honesty, which is why I am spending time peeking at ‘most beautiful free templates’ on google, for not just phpbb3, mybb, but also html. Perhaps I need to stump up some gold nuggets and pay someone to do the creating? For my own graphic design skills are plain for all to see as wretched on my homepage. Perhaps a partnership of sorts is a better way forward, if my aims are to-
    improve the site in many ways, mainly visually and SEO wise
    make some money from the site
    mix the site aspirations with my wordsmithery aspirations

    For now, I hope I have penned enough virtual ink to make this seem, at worst , somewhat demented but sincere. And also, that I receive some advice/suggestions/reactions to my decadent squealing for help, in my mission to finally make something special, of a site which has long held great potential, but has been stunted in growth, mainly due to my off screen passions taking centre and sole stage…like a race horse kept always and only in the stables, fed well enough to maintain its existence, but never allowed to stretch its limbs as it yearns, run wild free and beastly…

    Would it be relatively simple for me to export the present front end to a wordpress cms??
    Would porting to a wordpress CMS demand URl changes and those all important 301 redirects?

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