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  • Looks very nice. 🙂

    In the “view casework” page you might have a spelling mistake. “previews” should be “previous” I believe.

    Also I would put “view website” above the next and previous links or maybe separate them from the menu, but that is just personal taste.

    Otherwise looks beautiful. Nice layout.

    Thanks for the feedback, I have change it.

    veeeery nice theme. the js-slider is rockin. btw: when you look at a specific post and the ‘proyect description’ … it´s spelled ‘proJect’. nice anyway! keep up te good work!

    Very professional looking. I really like it.

    Thanks again for your help with my bad spelling, and thanks for your comments.

    The English version of the tutorial is ready!!

    Thanks Leandra 😉

    hi, im a new user..
    juz finished setting up the blog, and using wpes as my theme..

    but why i cant see my posts?
    ive typed a few for testing.. but i cannot see them even though they are ”published”.

    anyone can help?

    btw, my ‘about’ and ‘contact’ do not working..
    how to solve?

    Hi Lameian, please, read the tutorial and comments at WPESP, you will find that info on it.

    Mucho thanks man, awesome!

    It took me 5 days to get it. I read through the thing dozens and dozens of times. No offense, but with so many people asking the same questions, perhaps you could adjust the “tutorials” a little to help people on their way.

    Granted, learned a heck of a lot in the process.

    Here’s a tip to everyone having problems getting the ‘about’ and ‘contact’ pages working, which is also what I had the most trouble getting to work. Click on ‘Pages’ in your dashboard, then click on edit. Select the ‘about’ page to edit it (create an about page if necessary) and under the Attribute on the right, change the Template to the default template. That’s what I did and now its looks like the demo.

    Now I just need to figure out how to get the form working… 😉


    Hi quantumryan,
    If you had learned a lot in the process, probably is not a very bad idea don´t have all the info at the tutorial.

    The tip do you have explained, have an other way to do too. Check the index.php.

    Sorry for my bad English 😉

    Wassup everybody,

    First of all, I would like to thank Víctor García for creating this theme and making it free, which is good. It saves a lot of time when you dont have to search for a premium theme hosted somewhere on the internet.

    I downloaded WPESP theme straight away as I saw it, but when I dropped it to my wp-content/themes/ directory and activated through Admin Panel it seemed to be kinda empty. Well, it was empty, despite 6 test posts.

    No worries everybody, it’s all working now and I’ve got the steps that you need do to make it work. It took me quite some time (tutorial at isn’t worth to be called tutorial), so I’m going to share it with you in order to save your time.

    So I go:

    1. Navigate to Categories in your Admin Panel and make a new one called Work. After you do so, create another one called Featured and under Category Parent select category you created a second ago – Work. All of your works are going to be posted under Work category and only the chosen ones under Featured. Thats simple.

    2. Go and write few test posts under Work and Featured categories and don’t forget to fill up Portfolio Post Settings which is bellow the writing area at your New Post screen. Thumb Panel Image and Panel Image will be resized automatically so it’s all good.

    If you checked your website now, you should probably see that it’s working. Well, not yet. Try to click on any post you want and im sure that you’ll see an empty page. Am I right? Damn yeah. To avoid this, you need to:

    3. Click on Categories at your Admin Panel and move your mouse over Work category in order to edit it (press Edit). Well, stop right there. Now look at the address bar and you should see long url with the ending of something like this:


    You can clearly see, that my Work category ID is 27, not 3 like it’s set by default in index.php.

    What you need to do now is open Index.php file for editing and find line 7 in which you can see

    elseif( in_category(3) ) :.

    That 3 in there is by default and is no good for most of us, unless you have a fresh install of wordpress. So change number 3 to YOUR Work category ID and save it.

    Visit your page, it should be working as a charm now.

    P.S. English aint my national language, so pardon for any mistakes I did. Just wanted to help you out there, fellas.

    Peace out,

    I’m having trouble getting the contact form to display. I downloaded the cformsII plugin and activated it. I created the Contact Us page and corrected the cforms.php code as described in the tutorial. I also changed the cat_ID to the correct number for the contact us page. Any ideas of what I’m missing?

    It didn’t work for me at first, then I did all the stuff you mentioned and also edited permalink to contact-us through Admin Panel. Still it looked pretty messy, so I removed all the Contact page and edited it to be a link to my blog, since I’m going to put my contacts in About page.

    Try to do as much editing as you can, since it gives you some individual look and feel.

    Very happy with this theme, running it now at MMM Labs. Question – how would you recommend I re-implement the automatic-sliding effect?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 88 total)
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