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  • Hello!

    I recently installed the Square theme on my portfolio, and everything is working great, however my portfolio pages aren’t working. Every time I try to launch my portfolio pages I end up with an “Page not found” display.

    I don’t know where to look for help. Is this a theme problem or a wordpress problem?

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this!

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  • Seems to be working here? It’s the same as the first page but with the heading ‘my work’ ?

    Its when you click on the individual pieces.

    Go to Portfolio -> then click on any of the works below it. Does it work for you then?


    Ah no, that doesn’t work for me either. Are the links supposed to be pages or so?

    The links are supposed to lead to pages yes.

    They are supposed to be galleries of images showing the individual project within the portfolio page.


    And I guess the pages exist? Maybe you have to check the permalinks?

    What do you mean by check the permalinks?

    Also, when i create a draft of a portfolio project everything is working fine. It’s when I publish the project to the website that the “Page not found” error occurs. (If that bit of info helps?)

    Permalinks is a page under settings which define how your links should look like. Sometimes something goes wrong here and you need to ‘reset’ them ( put them back to defaut, hit save, but them on the setting you prefer again, hit save ) . This causes the .htaccess file to be rewritten and sometimes fixes problems like this.

    Are you using any plugins for your portfolio? When I google portfolie-item and page not found I see multiple reports of people with the same problem and possible solutions.

    Thank you so much! It’s working now! 😀

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    Good to hear! Could you post exactly what you have done so other users might benefit from it as well when using the search 🙂

    Yep Yes! For everyone looking at this:

    I went to dashboard -> Permalinks -> then checked restore original.

    Now my portfolio projects show up just fine!

    🙂 Thank you again B. Schuiling!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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