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  • Hello.
    I am current trying to creat a service that alows professors to creat a wordpress blog by following simple steps like inserting informations and selecting a theme created by me. When they insert the information in the form the blog automatict will be created.
    Can any one tell me if this is possible with wordpress multisite?
    Thank you for help.

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  • Yes.

    It allows you to set up a service similar to

    Can you indicate me a tutorial where it explain how to do it. Thx



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    I already creat a network what should i do now?

    Yes the network is working, now i should create a way so professors with a few steps create a blog. It is hard to find material that explain how to make this if any one can give me a direction to follow i appreciate.

    go to . It’s built in. Instruct your users to visit that link.

    Thank you for your help Andrea_r. I have plugins on site admin and they are configured to work on the subdomain blogs. The problem is that the configuration are not working, in this case contact form is working but with the default forms.
    Just to clarified Jose Lopes is my co worker on this project.

    Is it normal that i don’t have superAdminis tab on the dashboard?

    For the contact form, don’t network activate it. Go to each site, activate it there and make your changes there.

    There is no super admin tab in 3.1 and up. it’s network admin now and the link is in the upper right, next to “howdy”.

    Making the activation’s to each site is a hard choice since the site should be created automatic.
    I have 5 sites that are fulling working, plugins configured and widgets, is it possible to clone this sites. The point is, when a professor select the theme, that correspond to one of the sites cloned, all the definitions from that site are automatic applied since it is a cloned site. It is hard to explain and i don’t now if its possible.

    It’s only possible with another plugin. this is not built in by default. network activate does *nothing* to make plugin settings populate to all blogs.

    each site is a silo, independent of the other. that’s the point you missed.

    Yes, i now they are independent, but having the setting insert automatic when a new blog is created it would be great. Can you give me a list of plugins to help me to creat this ideal site that i am trying to do ?

    That I know of, there is no plugin to pick and chose possible clones for plugins.

    there are some to set up a template site and copy that. but for contact forms – unless you want every single one to go to the same email address, you’d still have to visit each site & adjust it.

    Seem to me that it going to be complicated to make this automation in wordpress unless i start making and changing plugins to work the way i want. Other way it’s start a site from the ground or jump to another platform but for what i see wordpress e from far the best one.

    In relation to the email on the Form that cannot be cloned it is a variable pointed to the form that a professor write when it sign in.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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