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  1. u0107
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello all,

    After multiple tries, I finally managed to install WP on my Vista Home Premium machine.

    I used Microsoft WebMatrix for the purpose.

    As accessed from WebMatrix, my url for WP is: http://localhost:15484.

    In MS IE-9, the page does not load correctly:

    1) The picture is missing. The properties of the picture suggests that it is searching in a location which has the port number 25128.

    2) This port 25128 appears in numerous links on the WP page.

    I do not know how the port numbers are different in each case - I specified neither during installation. I do admit I installed WebMatrix multiple times and deleted it.

    But now that the WP page is working - at least displays my "Hello World" blog entry - is there any way I can create a uniformity in the port number so that I do not get error messages and incorrect page rendering? A more basic question is that do I need to specify port number - will this specification of port number create problems for me later once I publish my website?

    Thank you in advance.


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