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  • I’m currently porting over a site that has a mix of articles, plus a dictionary-like set of terms (about 80k entries). The articles will get converted to posts, but Im not sure which approach to take with the terms database.

    I currently have a proof of concept working where I’ve kept them in their own database table and use a single page with a custom template that looks up the term (provided as a url variable) in the database and displays the content.

    I would like to port them to wordpress pages so that I can take advantage of plugins/built-in functionality(i.e. comments) that could enhance how those terms are displayed or used, etc. However, I fear that loading the entire term dictionary would unnecessarily clutter the post/page db table and make it more difficult to manage other pages, etc. There are 80k different entries in this database.

    Any thoughts on which approach to take? Ideally, I could write a plugin that modified the page management admin page and not return these terms so that I could still work with the typical pages, then write my own admin plugin to manage these terms pages. How manageable would that be? Or is 80k too much to consider porting as pages?

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