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port to ASP.NET

  • Hello! I tried a search but didn’t find anyone doing this. Has anyone attempted to convert wordpress to asp.net? My site is done in asp.net but I can’t get the blog to work correctly with the menus because wordpress is done in php. I’m not really skilled enough to tackle the porting of this huge project alone, but if any one is working on it, I would like to help. thanks


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  • One person mentioned to me in private that they were interested in porting WordPress to ASP.NET. I have no idea as to how far she got. I haven’t seen her in several months now.

    I would definitely love to be a part of this, but looking at the code in php it’s all over the place, and I wouldn’t even know where to begin, especailly to make it easily distributable. But it’s a great blog utility (I think it’s the BEST) and I’m sure many windows users would love to use it!





    I guess it’s because I’m just a simple gnome, but what has PHP /ASP have to do with getting some menus to work right?


    basically what I mean is that my site is all in asp.net and wordpress is in php so it makes things complicated (at least for me)


    well I’ve finally made some progress on what I was trying to acheive when I created this post about 4 months ago! I managed to create a front-end for WordPress that uses ASP.NET instead of PHP. it’s not the greatest port in the world, as I haven’t even touched the admin interface (it still uses PHP) but now I can finally make my blog match the rest of my site! If you’re interested in seeing it in action, check out my blog. As soon as I clean everything up I’ll release the source on my site, if anyone is interested in expanding on it (maybe start working on the admin section!)


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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