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  • Hi!

    I’m starting to use wordpress the last days, because it was fascinating easy. But there’s one problem. Administration goes solely over http, which means, your passwords can be spyed on. I tried to change it (there was an article about using https for the admin/login interface) and it worked with standard https. But: I want to have several instances of wordpress, one for every domain/subdomain I use. And I only got one IP. For https this means I can only use one https-site (at port 443) or several at different non-standard https-ports (e.g. 9000,9001 etc.).

    The last idea didn’t work and after some searching here in the forums I’ve only seen people asking for that feature but there was no solution. In the WP-code it’s obvious, there’s only a HTTP_SERVER variable, but no PORT variables. The only thing I’ve found, was a PROXY_PORT variable. Maybe it’s possible to use this?

    Anyway, will there be something like a different HTTPS-Port in the future? Ok, the administration is only up to me, so every HTTPS connection might use the same certificate which would lead to bad messages but it could work. Nevertheless I’d prefer a “clean solution”, although the solution with different HTTPS-ports is also not the cleanest. But in that case the certs etc. are correct.

    Or maybe there’s another solution for my problem?

    Thank you!



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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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