• I’m the first to admit that I’m not CSS savvy. Maybe that’s part of the problem.

    I used the free version, entered information in the boxes that I wanted to use, and even selected specific colors for the background and the text.

    When I clicked Preview, I got black text on a white background. So much for the color choices.

    When I saved the popup / popover and then refreshed the Home Page, where I expected to see it, it never showed up.

    And then when I checked the forum to see if anyone had similar problems, I discovered that some questions hadn’t been answered for more than a week. Who’s got time to hang around for that long?

    So I deleted it from the site and now am looking for something else.

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @gvz2014 – First lets be clear, we don’t require you to use CSS at all. It sounds like you created a custom popup theme, but never changed your popup to use your theme, the other possibility is that you have caching enabled on your site (who doesn’t these days) and it needs to be cleared. Since popups are loaded with another page, that pages cache will keep old popup settings until cleared, nothing we can do about that.

    Second the theme editor has a built in live preview so what you see there is what you will get in the front end assuming you selected the correct popup theme & cache isn’t an issue.

    Third popups are enabled everywhere by default, so if you didn’t add any “Conditions” then it would be available on the home page. Which leaves a few possibilities for why its not showing up:

    • You didn’t add a trigger to your popup. Triggers control control when / how a popup is opened. Click, Auto Open (time delay), Exit Intent etc are all types of triggers. Sounds like you wanted an Auto Open trigger but didn’t get it added.
    • There is a JS error on your site, possibly in the theme or another plugin preventing our JS from ever running. Nothing we can do about that but point you in the right direction to getting the error solved, which we have done 1000s of times in these support forums.

    Just a tip, if you want support you generally have to ask for it, something you obviously don’t do with no support tickets in your history ever. Makes taking this review seriously very difficult.

    Now to address your 100% incorrect assertion that our support is lacking. Had you taken time to actually look at our forums 6 hours ago when you posted this you would have seen the same thing I am right now in this screenshot which shows that there are no topics on the first page (actually first 3 pages) older than a week, and none older than 2 days where our support staff wasn’t the last to reply. IE I have a full time support member which you can see is the last reply on all tickets older than 12 hours (waltmesser).

    Screenshot of forums with no topics over 12 hours.

    We have over 500 5 star reviews purely because we have top notch support. Hard to argue that with our record.

    Which leads me to my last point, had you posted a ticket you would have gotten a quick response, much like I am now within 6.5 hours of your posting this review. Since the only 2 topics you have ever created were today, I doubt you would have taken the time to post a support topic anyways, why not skip straight to a negative review right?

    Our plugin is well documented with sections outlining everything you needed to be up in minutes in the getting started section alone.

    This is kind of selfish review, you should have posted a ticket first to solve your issues. I am using this plugin mostly to our websites, if have i have issues i simply posted ticket in their forum and they give you a very clear answers or suggestion to help resolve the issues.

    Thread Starter gvz2014


    Since WP won’t let me delete or edit this review, all I can do is comment.

    1. I expect plugins to work easily. I don’t have the time or the expertise to figure out all the possible reasons why something might or might not work. As it happens, the one I ended up using worked as advertised in minutes. Whatever the merits of Popup Maker for everyone else, it didn’t work for me.

    2. Regardless of the ticket response times you claim to give, I had seen some that had gone unanswered; hence the comment.

    3. I don’t like giving low reviews. I know that software engineers work hard to create programmes that work; but if I’m sufficiently annoyed by something that doesn’t, then I’ll say so.

    4. All this said, I will in future refrain from writing reviews until I’ve made some attempt to obtain assistance via the ticket system.

    5. Have a nice day.

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