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    Hi (again)

    Sorry to be a pest. I am testing the plugin for use primarily with PDFs. I have a test page at:
    (see option 3)
    It works more otr less fine on 3 of my PCs (Win7 64bit, Win7 32 bit, and XP SP3) using a variety of browsers. But on the 4th PC, XP SP3 and IE8, the popup works fine first time around. But after clsoing it, re-opening it causes the window’s border and b’ground to be painted but no content appears. Refreshing etc has no effect. One has to close that page altogether and open again in new tab.

    I appreciate that It’s probably impossible to pin down, but any help appreciated.

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  • Here is some more info in the hope that I get a response. (Please ???):

    I’ve set up a test page on my test copy of the site here:

    When you click on one of the images, it opens up the popup window to display the relevant PDF. It works fine on 3 of my PCs as mentioned above. On the 4th, which is running XP SP3, it works fine under Safari and Chrome, but not IE8 – which I suspect most of the users will be running. To recreate problem, open say first PDF – all is OK.
    Close and open second FPF. All is OK again. Close and open the first PDF and you get the ovrelay only and nothing. I have 4 images/PDFs on that page. Each one can be opened successfully once, but thereafter a second attempt on a previously opened PDF will fail.

    Now it works fine under XP/IE8 on another PC. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Flash on the problem PC etc etc. Any suggestions appreciated.

    Acrobat Reader X & Xi break PDF popups for WinXP/IE8.

    I’ve pinned a possible culprit in this ongoing saga – Acrobat. In general Version 9 works OK, X and XI not so much. I have deactivated other plugins etc etc.

    And it is not actually confined to XP – a friend tested it on 3 different PCs Win8, Win 7 and XP and all failed as described. For me it works under win7.

    But back-grading Acrobat is not a feasible solution. And it works on most browsers/OSes – except the most popular – is not a good way forward. So I am rapidly losing confidence in this whole approach. Plus I have now noticed another killer issue under XP at least, it leaks memory like crazy. I’ll note this separately just in case someone else is reading.

    Thanks for listening!

    Plugin Author RavanH


    Hi Tom, like I said in my response to your other thread: the PDF plugin is a big pain. It always has been. You might find the Google Docs Viewer (third) approach on a good way around ever having to rely on the Acrobat browser plugin…

    Where is the

    <script type="text/javascript">
    window.onload = function() {
    if(window.location.hash) { jQuery(window.location.hash).trigger('click'); }

    supposed to go?

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author RavanH


    Hi jseth, you can just put that in a text widget or edit your themes footer.php and put it just before the closing </body> tag…

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